109 Pics Of People Celebrating Birthdays During The Pandemic To Show How Social Distancing Changed Their Parties

109 Pics Of People Celebrating Birthdays During The Pandemic To Show How Social Distancing Changed Their Parties

The coronavirus is a party pooper. People are trying to celebrate their birthdays, but social distancing won't let them. No more hugs, no more kisses; all they get now are a few best wishes over the phone, and that's it.

However, that doesn't mean folks whose birthdays happened to correspond with the pandemic can't treat themselves. Or cry about it. I mean, it's their day, so they can do whatever the heck they want.

Trying to make the most of it, people are sharing photos of how they're spending this grand occasion under lockdown, and Bored Panda has compiled some of the funniest ones to commemorate them as well. Hip hip hooray.

#1 Shout Out To My Sister For Singing Happy Birthday To Me While I’m Self Quarantined. Here’s To 28

Image credits: oversharewithfamily

#2 Birthdays. Covid-19 Style

Image credits: 80runs

#3 How My Friend Is Spending His Birthday During The Quarantine

Image credits: BKinged

#4 My Nephew Had A Social Distancing 15th Birthday Party

Image credits: PaulyPickles

#5 It’s My BF’s Birthday, We Can’t Have Friends Over. Don’t Think He Approves Of Our Substitute Guests

Image credits: Michellehas2ls

#6 Honk, It's Renée's Birthday!

Image credits: alinepadfieldcoaching

#7 Ms. Kathryn Was Still Able To Celebrate Her 93rd Birthday With Her Family Even During The Quarantine

Her family and friends came to celebrate outside Westbury Medical Care and Rehab today and even in quarantine, made it so special for her.

Image credits: Westbury Medical Care and Rehab

#8 It's My Birthday Today, And My State Is Going Into Lockdown. So I Figured I'd Throw A Party

Image credits: Brak23

#9 This Cake My Family Made Me For My Birthday

Image credits: ToasterTech

#10 Entire Neighbrohood Came Together To Wish One Kid A Happy Birthday Despite Not Being Allowed To Have Parties

Image credits: twogoodius

#11 Thank You For Surprising Me With A 6 Ft Distance Birthday Cake And Flowers

Image credits: melikajan

#12 My Dad Found A Very Appropriate Card For My Cousin’s Birthday Today

Image credits: TheJackalope21

#13 My Daughter Feeding My Brother A Cupcake During His Virtual Birthday Party

Image credits: awesomom

#14 Birthday Drink With My Sister

Image credits: partythumb

#15 Quarantine Birthday

Image credits: rachelaraz

#16 What Your Birthday Looks Like During The Great Quarantine Of 2020

Image credits: theshabbybride

#17 B-Day Party In The Age Of Covid-19

Image credits: BassMonster808

#18 My Wife’s Birthday Party Was Canceled Due To The Virus So We Made A Birthday Blanket Fort At Home Instead. No Real Candles Here, Just LED Ones

Image credits: sillysandhouse

#19 My Brother's Birthday During The Lockdown

Image credits: ulyssespre

#20 Grandma's On Lockdown For Coronavirus So We Surprised Her To Sing Happy Birthday. She’s 96

Image credits: salmonpilot

#21 I Have To Self Quarantine, But My Grandparents Still Came Over For A Birthday Celebration. Grandpa Gave Me A “Hug” Using Our 6 Ft Stick To Keep A Safe Distance

Image credits: bemphador

#22 Today It Was Our Teammate’s Birthday. The Company Decided To Send Her A Cake And Gather Everyone To Sing “Happy Birthday”

Image credits: dancingshiningv

#23 My Self-Isolated Birthday Party

Image credits: Starannosc

#24 Dorothy Didn’t Let Social Distancing Stop Her From Celebrating Her 92nd Birthday With Her Loved Ones. Happy Birthday, Dorothy

Image credits: aperioncare

#25 My Uncle Couldn’t Have His Birthday Party Thanks To Covid So My Cousins Made Sure Some Non-Infected Friends Still Came

Image credits: V3ndetta15

#26 84-Year-Old Greatgrandpa Singing Happy Birthday To 5-Year-Old Grandgrandchild

Image credits: psyentstwo

#27 Quarantine Turned This 'Surprise Super Soft Birthday' Into A Virtual One

Image credits: sunfireanna

#28 Birthday Quarantine

Image credits: Antman111

#29 It’s My Birthday Today. Glad None Of My Fiends Could Make It Because Of The Corona Virus

Image credits: TheTaroMaster

#30 Can’t Celebrate My Birthday IRL Because Of The Quarantine, So Shed Some Happy Tears When I Turned On My Game This Morning And My Villagers Threw Me A Party

Image credits: ChunkyPupper

#31 Had To Leave Mom's Birthday Present On The Steps

Image credits: Dan_O_

#32 Birthday During The Outbreak. Holiday Cancelled. So We Brought The Pool To Us

Image credits: SwimnGinger-

#33 My "Corona Quarantine" Themed Birthday Cake That Now I Can Only Share Digitally. Enjoy!

Image credits: Peteicles

#34 For My Daughter’s 12th Birthday I Got Her A Dog And Took Her Camping And Fishing. Not Something I’ve Ever Done Alone

Image credits: LizInMS

#35 I Couldn’t Go Out For My Birthday Today, So I Bedazzled The Living Room And Got Real Extra

Image credits: sunmellie

#36 My SO Refused To Let Me Have A Cake-Less Birthday While Under Quarantine, So He Learned How To Make One For Me. He’s A Keeper

Image credits: wellsee2

#37 Quarantined For Birthday Party, We’re Hanging Out Using Zoom And Playing An Appropriate Game

Image credits: Louigi10

#38 My Sister Made A Bachelor 'Guess Who' Game For My Birthday. Fair To Say We Are Set For This Covid-19 Quarantine

Image credits: MissJinxed

#39 Today This Group Of Girls Celebrated Their Friend Ellie’s 11th Birthday By Putting On A Surprise Birthday Parade

So proud of these girls for planning and carrying out such a special gift for their friend. These girls sure do miss each other and were delighted to have something to celebrate

Image credits: essentiallykatie

#40 My Neighbour Celebrated His 70th Birthday The Only Way He Knew How

Image credits: bibowski

#41 Not Your Normal 8th Birthday. It’s An Adjustment, But We’ve Made The Best Of It. Adley Has Many People In Her Life Who Care For Her

Image credits: erin_kowalewski

#42 Surprise 50th Virtual Birthday Party!

Image credits: babblinginger

#43 Corona Virus Made Me Cancel My St. Patrick's/Birthday Party, But I Can Still Celebrate By Myself

Image credits: generalg28

#44 When It's Your Birthday, But You're On Community Quarantine And You Live Alone

Image credits: lethets

#45 My Grandpa Making The Best Of His 80th Birthday Today In Quarantine

Image credits: J9671D

#46 This Is A College Student Who Was Evacuated From Wuhan And Is In Quarantine. But In Turkey Quarantine Does Not Prevent Us From Celebrating A Birthday

Image credits: starbuckwhatchahear

#47 The Corona Virus Killed Their Birthday, We Killed The Corona Virus

Image credits: SJade14

#48 My Sister's Birthday Is On Wednesday So I Made Her A Quarantine Card

Image credits: daniunicorn

#49 My Friend Had A Custom Birthday Cake Made For His Mom. He Asked For Darth Vader Holding The Coronavirus

Image credits: J-Jordine

#50 Well This Will Be A Birthday Elizabeth Will Never Forget. Instead Of A Party We Had A Little Quarantine Photo Shoot

Image credits: bottleslanger

#51 When Your Birthday Falls On A World Event

Image credits: Hazypanther

#52 Quarantine Birthday Cake

Image credits: Olly88

#53 BF Was Supposed To Travel Over For My Birthday But Flights Were Cancelled. So He Surprised Me With The Cutest Mini Birthday Cake Over Midnight Call

Image credits: HTBoardman

#54 Birthday While In Quarantine

Image credits: jhihwc

#55 Since We Are Quarantined, For My Son’s 17th Birthday Party I Wanted To Show Him What A LAN Party From Back In The Day Looked Like

Image credits: Cryptbarron

#56 Quarantine Virtual 3rd Birthday Party

Image credits: babytalk94

#57 Because Me And My Family Can’t Do Anything For My 15th Birthday, My Mom Decided To Decorate Our Table Like This

Those balls hanging on our fan are supposed to be the virus.

Image credits: ZuCc69420

#58 Had My 21st Birthday Yesterday. Parents Gave Me The Best Present In These Dark Times

Image credits: Element-115

#59 My Best Bud's Socially Distanced Birthday

Image credits: fetalfuckpuppet

#60 Social Distancing Birthday

Image credits: ruthingtons

#61 Despite All That’s Going On, I Still Have The Gift Of Life And For That I’m Very, Very Grateful

Image credits: nickname_is_nikki

#62 This Was Awesome! I Can't Believe My Baby Is 7

Image credits: janellenoconnor

#63 When Love Finds A Way. Happy 100th Birthday, Abuela! Coronavirus Cannot Take Away Our Endless Love For You

Image credits: finallyelaine

#64 My Friend Received A Coronavirus Birthday Cake

Image credits: Wizzmer

#65 I Made My Wife An Isolation Birthday Card, Not Sure If It’s Funny Or Tragic

Image credits: beefy-badger

#66 My Parents Gave Me This As A Birthday Cake

Image credits: MDWSmusicpls

#67 It's My God-Daughter's 10th Birthday Today

Image credits: matcuv

#68 My Grandfather Celebrating My Grandma's Birthday Outside Of Her Window Because The Nursing Isn’t Allowing Visitation Due To The Corona Outbreak

Image credits: jenna_tellia

#69 Party During The Pandemic. It’s Dave’s Big Birthday And We Are Living It Up

Image credits: calvinreason

#70 Birthday Quarantine, This Is How I Celebrate Today

Image credits: thedesertcullinan

#71 I Was Just Beautifully Serenaded By Em, Lucia, Nick And Natalie! They Set Up A Table Outside My House With Instruments

Image credits: ellecrash

#72 Happy Quarantine Birthday To Me

Image credits: alexiami24

#73 My 21st Birthday Cake

Image credits: devon_62

#74 Since Andy Can’t Have A Party With His Friends And Family , His Snugglies Decided To Surprise Him

Image credits: tuturambo

#75 Best Birthday Present Ever

Image credits: TheEggGregg

#76 This Is My Mom's Birthday Cake This Year

Image credits: MEAMteamguy

#77 My 21st Birthday On Saint Patrick's Day, All Bars In My State Closed The Day Before

Image credits: dfc09