118 Times Nature Won The Battle Against Civilization (New Pics)

118 Times Nature Won The Battle Against Civilization (New Pics)

We humans often build roads and bridges, canals and ports, even entire cities at the expense of the environment. But nature isn't planning on giving up. On the contrary, it is determined to persevere, showing just how fragile our creations are.

Maybe you remember our earlier list on Mother Nature reclaiming its territories, maybe not, but time passes and bricks continue to crumble, so Bored Panda decided to refresh your memory on the topic.

We put together a new batch of photos to show that nature is a force to be reckoned with and that ultimately, the world belongs to it. As much as we would like to think otherwise.

#1 Tree That Grew From The Inside Of An Abandoned Chimney

Image credits: Vijaykulange

#2 Found This Beautiful Tree Growing Inside An Abandoned Silo While I Was Exploring

Image credits: runswithjello

#3 Railroad Tracks In The Forest (Taiwan)

Image credits: journeywithlight

#4 The Gate Keeper At The Abandoned Putzar Castle In Germany

#5 This Vine Climbed Up A Chair To Silence My Wind Chime

Image credits: Redtenchu

#6 A Friend Found This Out Hiking And Posted It On FB, Thought It Was Pretty Cool

I'm assuming the fabric and padding created a moist coarse surface for the moss to exploit.

Image credits: psithurism_daze

#7 Abandoned Synagogue

Image credits: tobi_urbex

#8 This Tree Grew Inside The Stop Sign

Image credits: m1nus

#9 This Chinese Fishing Village Was Abandon In The 1990s. Nature Has All But Reclaimed It (Houtouwan, China)

Image credits: Green Jane

#10 Tree Growing Around A Hiking Sign

Image credits: AngDag

#11 Real Grass Growing Through The Fake Grass

Image credits: ameades

#12 Found A Tree Growing Through A Stone Wall

Image credits: MikeLeRoi

#13 Old Shiva Temple Firmly Embraced By The Sacred Bodhi Tree In Bangladesh

#14 Abandoned Castle In Ireland

Image credits: malteheitmueller

#15 Boat Wreck Reclaimed By Nature And Turned Into An Island

Image credits: Anton Rijsdijk

#16 This Tree Has Grown Round The Railing

Image credits: clickybyro2757

#17 130,000-Year-Old Neanderthal Skull Encased In Stalagmites, Found In A Sinkhole In A Cave In Italy

Image credits: Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Superintendent of the Archeology of Puglia

#18 The Roots Grow According To The Pavement Pattern

Image credits: waschmack

#19 This Plant Has Been Trying To Stealthily Steal My Broom For Months

Image credits: pineapple_blue

#20 Nature Wins Again. Found This While Hiking In Boothbay, Maine

Image credits: MacNCheese22

#21 This Overgrown Boat We Saw. Nature Ship "Ms Heimliche Liebe"

Image credits: Zombiebreadfist

#22 Radioactive Cars From The Fukushima Disaster Slowly Being Eaten By Nature

Image credits: Arkadiusz Podniesiński

#23 Ivy Overtaking A Car

#24 This Oak Tree Growing Through A Railing

Image credits: That-70s-Ho

#25 Abandoned Bridge In New Zealand

Image credits: sacrecoeur1206

#26 House Abandoned And Retaken By The Desert In California

Image credits: DrFetusRN

#27 Mossy Initiation Path In The Quinta Da Regaleira, Portugal

Image credits: glory.of.disrepair

#28 Becoming One With Nature

#29 An Agave Growing Massive In This Long-Abandoned Greenhouse

Image credits: liesje-73

#30 A Piano Left To Nature

Image credits: DrFetusRN

#31 Abandoned Tank

Image credits: Константин Антипин

#32 Ghostly Overgrown Villa In Germany

Image credits: Darksider2

#33 Abandoned Place Reclaimed By Nature

Image credits: matthias_haker

#34 A Tree Somehow Growing In A Mexico City's Pedestrian Bridge

Image credits: hipersensiblx

#35 This Gate Has Been Open For So Long That A Bush Has Grown Around It

Image credits: Swotboy2000

#36 This Blanket Has Been Sitting Since October. A Species Of Creeping Ivy Started Growing Through It, But Only Thriving Where The Black Bands Of Color Are

Image credits: ratlizardmutantgirl

#37 Nature Took Over. 1965 vs. 2012

Image credits: Marion Family Photo

#38 This Tree Swallowing A Trespassing Sign

Image credits: daito-

#39 Old Abandoned Tracks

#40 Quasi-Legible Moss Growing In The Letters Of This Fallen Tombstone

Image credits: Larvsesh

#41 Tree That Grew Through And Around A Wagon Wheel

Image credits: jjonesreddit

#42 This Abandoned Greenhouse

Image credits: glory.of.disrepair

#43 Fern Growing Under A Circular Roof Hole

Image credits: woyto

#44 Took My Dad To See If His First Car Was Still Where He Left It When Its Engine Seized - 40 Years Ago. It Was

Image credits: Deletraz

#45 While My Sister Was On A Long Business Trip An Outdoor Plant Grew Indoors Through A Locked Window

Image credits: derf_vader

#46 Hotel In Southern Europe

Image credits: Mirna Pavlovic

#47 MS World Discoverer Was A German Expedition Cruise Ship. It Hit A Uncharted Reef In The Sandfly Passage, Solomon Islands, 29 April, 2000

Image credits: sv_manjana

#48 Mushrooms Growing Out Of A Scooter Seat

Image credits: Bennprim365

#49 Apartment Complex In Keelung, Taiwan Slowly Overtaken By Trees

Image credits: flickr.com

#50 Abandoned Paper Mill With Nature Starting To Take Over

Image credits: Old-Blighty

#51 Reclamation In Overdrive, New Orleans

Image credits: Frank Relle

#52 Abandoned Roller Coaster Being Taken Over By Nature

Image credits: ___krampus___

#53 Jet Graveyard

#54 Old Hotel Room (Europe, 2012)

Image credits: matthias_haker

#55 This Ruined Church With A Tree Growing In The Middle

Image credits: caerphoto

#56 This Tree Grew Inside An Old Silo And Finally Made It To The Top

Image credits: Wlverenefan

#57 Abandoned Soviet Monument In Krasnodar, Russia

Image credits: 13_pilot1

#58 This House Belongs To The Trees Now

Image credits: Thomas Homolya

#59 This Abandoned Railroad In Hemlock Forest Taiwan

Image credits: brian_ytsu

#60 A Tree Growing In An Abandoned Mansion

Image credits: brapyoubud

#61 WW2 Bomber Being Swallowed Up By Jungle Undergrowth. Photos By Bruce Mcpherson

Image credits: Bruce McPherson

#62 This Tree That Has Absorbed Its Bench Over The Years

Image credits: MaxHermanos

#63 Mother Nature Always Wins

Image credits: leakgigs

#64 Just Some Grass Growing On A Lawnmower

Image credits: Jalooper

#65 The Way How The Tree Roots Grow Follows The Gaps Between Bricks

Image credits: Eat_Around_the_Rosie

#66 Abandoned Cars In The Ardennes

#67 Waterway Underneath An Old Spanish Arms Factory Being Overtaken By Nature: Like A Scene From LoTR

Image credits: lauricgourbalphotographies

#68 Abandoned And Overgrown College In Gali, Abkhazia

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#69 Cactus Growing Out Of A Water Pipe

Image credits: Blxckbee

#70 This Is Insane

#71 Tree Growing Around A Letterbox

Image credits: djjmilner

#72 This Tree Growing Through A Fence

Image credits: andygleason

#73 Low Mileage Driver

Image credits: notdakotafanning

#74 The New World Mall, In Bangkok, Was Closed In 1997 After It Was Found To Have Breached Building Regulations

#75 Abandoned Intersection Near Ottawa

Image credits: RyVal

#76 Unabandoned Train Station

Image credits: ribeirocatolico

#77 This Car Has Grass Growing Through The Hood

Image credits: primatemechanix

#78 Gates Only Unlock On One Side, Causing That Half The Path To Grow Wild

Image credits: face-on-the-head

#79 My Great Aunts House Slowly Being Reclaimed By Nature Taken On My Trip To Mexico Last Year

Image credits: effinwookie

#80 There's A Plant Growing Inside The McDonald's Drive Through Order Screen

Image credits: barnesjam

#81 This Weed Growing Inside My Patio Fell Over Then Continued Growing Upwards

Image credits: pricklypearanoid

#82 Abandoned Poolhouse Overgrown By Plants

Image credits: sasa_shadowed

#83 Alcatraz Island

Image credits: PlusUltra3005

#84 Due To The Quarantine, Nature Is Starting To Reclaim The Stairwells At The University Where I Work

Image credits: NotVerySmarts

#85 Nature Takes Everything Back Eventually

Image credits: justinjenny

#86 Abandoned Cottage In England

#87 Abandoned Water Park In Florida

Image credits: abandonedsoutheast.com

#88 This Cool Gravestone That Nature's Reclaimed

Image credits: ComeOnDonkey

#89 This Tree That Grew Over A Parking Sign Over The Years

Image credits: Lafite-Rotschild

#90 Weeds Were Growing Out Of My Dad's Car

Image credits: evilpig

#91 The Inside Of A Castle Near Where I Live, Ireland

Image credits: JmaesGeoghegan

#92 Abandoned Polar Bear Enclosure. Vancouver, BC

Image credits: Ernie H. Reksten

#93 Pool Being Swallowed By Ivy Inside The Abandoned Days Inn Hotel In PA

Image credits: RiddimRyder

#94 Trees Growing Through This Car

Image credits: SkinnyG1950

#95 The Way This Weed Grew In The Past 2 Years. Walked By It Every Morning Since It Was A Baby Weed. This Goes To Show You, The Power Of Nature In A Small Sense

Image credits: Huichan81

#96 Invasive Plant Growing Up Through My Driveway

Image credits: blamethecranes

#97 Abandoned Railroad Tracks In Forest

Image credits: lilla_urbex

#98 Abandoned Hospital In Khovrino, Moscow

Image credits: venkov.psd

#99 Abandoned Wagakawa Hydro Power Plant, Japan

Image credits: mashiro.3191

#100 This Car Was Left On My Grandparents’ Property When They Bought It

Image credits: sketchmuffin51

#101 A Fascinating Look At How This Tree Grew Around An Old Fire Hydrant

Image credits: doggowolf

#102 Sidewalk In São Paulo, Brazil, Completely Ruined By Roots That Grew Over Time

Image credits: iagoruby

#103 A Vine Grew Around This Beer Bottle Left Out Overnight After A Party

Image credits: Psilocynical

#104 Something Started Growing Under Our Wall

Image credits: drizzo87

#105 I Found A Road Being Reclaimed By Nature

Image credits: reidminer

#106 Stumbled Upon This While Surveying In Upstate New York

Image credits: _thegreatGAR

#107 Abandoned Altar In The Woods

Image credits: chopkins19

#108 The Royal Alexandra Nursing Home In Paisley, Scotland

Image credits: TheAmericanWannabe

#109 Photo I Took Of The Water Slides

Image credits: flowerchild2003

#110 Abandoned President Heads

Image credits: Adventure_As_One

#111 A Vine Grew Up My Basketball Hoop

Image credits: Torn8oz

#112 Abandoned Machinery, Romania

#113 Abandoned Drive-In Theatre

Image credits: Owen Kanzler

#114 Abandoned Ford Bronco In The Woods

#115 This Tree That Grew Through A Fence

Image credits: BlueCrane93

#116 Plants Growing On My Old Chair

Image credits: thunde-r

#117 This Abandoned Shoe I Found Deep In The Forest

Image credits: Nasobema

#118 There Is A Chair Near My Local Train Station Which Is So Old That There Is Moss Growing On It

Image credits: andre-art13-anime