137 Of The Worst And Funniest Kitchen Fails (New Pics)

137 Of The Worst And Funniest Kitchen Fails (New Pics)

Cooking—it’s that optional thing that we do when we don’t want to look like lazy good-for-nothings eating cheese and salami straight out of the pack and munching on raw vegetables instead of making a salad. Even cavemen and barbarians were able to cook things well. But even with the help of modern technology, we sometimes end up absolutely butchering our meals and making mega cooking fails.

Prepare your stomachs, dear Readers, for Bored Panda has baked up a feast of the most incredible cooking fails for you to enjoy. Upvote your fave pics and leave a comment about the times you messed up while cooking. Psst. We’ve got more epic cooking fails for you to taste right here, here, and here. Remember to chew well and take your time.

Patience and focus have a lot to do with success in the kitchen (and in life, but that’s another story). If you’re distracted or running around like a headless chicken then odds are, you’ll make a ton of mistakes. Before you know it, your spaghetti’s on fire. Or worse—it’s fallen straight inside your shoes. Don’t believe us? Scroll on down.

#1 Sausage Rolls

Image credits: Fibutton

#2 We Tried To Make "Ladybug Rolls"

Image credits: marsmedia

#3 Friend Sent Me This. Composition: "Dad Tried To Make Wine"

Image credits: Nikoleta Kacaitė

Fortunately, we can all become better cooks. And the internet’s full of great advice. All it takes is some time to sift through the tips and find the common threads.

Katie Workman from the Associated Press writes that we should all read through recipes all the way through ahead of time so that we can get all the ingredients that we need. What’s more, we’ll be well prepared for any time-consuming surprises in advance.

#4 Apparently Using A Syringe To Inject The Filling Of A Jelly Bun Doesn't Work That Well

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#5 I'll Never Be Someone's Bride

Image credits: _lquestionl_

#6 My Night After Work

Image credits: Symmetry888

You should also get all of your ingredients ready before you start cooking. After all, if you’re supposed to be sauteing your veggies but you’re still chopping your bell peppers while your mushrooms are already frying, you might end up with a weird mix of under and over-cooked food.

Finally, keep in mind that seasoning makes all the difference to the taste of the dish. So add a pinch of salt and pepper here and there from time to time. During prep. In the middle of cooking. Right before serving. Try to find the balance between overseasoning and utter blandness. Oh, and remember to sharpen your knives!

#7 Found The Spoon, Honey

Image credits: ihavesoreballs

#8 My Sister Made Some French Fries

Image credits: janky_doodle

#9 I Tried To Make A Cake With A Lobster Shaped Dish

Image credits: chapstickwow

#10 I Baked Some Strawberry Cakes In Cat-Shaped Pans, Then Iced Them. They Came Out Looking Like Burn Victims

Image credits: 03mark87

#11 My Friend Made A “Hedgehog” For Her 14-Year-Old Son’s Birthday

Image credits: YouKnowYoohoo

#12 I Was Making Home Made Chicken Stock. After Simmering For Hours, The Recipe Said To Pour It Through A Strainer. God Damn It

Image credits: moby323

#13 When All I Want To Do Is Make Spaghetti, But All Signs Point To It Not Happening

Image credits: imgur.com

#14 Go To Make Pasta, The First Pot Slips And I Pour It All On The Ground. Make A Second Pot And The Handle Straight Up Breaks And My Pasta Goes Everywhere. Didn't Eat; Had A Lil Cry

Not to mention that firstly I came home late from work and drop my open sandwich in the parking lot. 

Image credits: SuitsAndStripes

#15 Boiled An Egg This Morning And I Think Something Went Horribly Wrong

Image credits: samcornwell

#16 Making Some Spaghetti

#17 Over The Holidays My Sister Tried To Make A Peppermint Candy Platter On A Perforated Pizza Pan

Image credits: tree_basher

#18 I Tried To Bake

Image credits: AbeLincolnLapDance

#19 Creepy Pancake

Image credits: miiiccczzz

#20 Well I Tried

Image credits: think_up

#21 I Forgot To Take The Old Coffee Pod Out Of The Coffee Maker Before Making Cup Noodles

Image credits: superleo42

#22 Asked My Boyfriend To Bake The Croissants For Our Dinner

Image credits: BrittBroChil

#23 I Made A Lasagna For Lunch. Here's The Result

Image credits: sloubi_

#24 Tried Cooking A Sweet Potato In My New Air Fryer Today

Image credits: vo_xv

#25 5 Minutes Before Closing After A 12-Hour Shift

Image credits: aceee13

#26 My Own Invention: Eggplant With A Side Of Melted Knife

Image credits: Catharas

#27 Birthday Cake Attempt This Weekend

Image credits: PlausibleAbility

#28 Happy Thanksgiving From My Little Sister's First Ever Turkey

Image credits: Lovethe3beatles

#29 Ffs

Image credits: Scrubification

#30 So My Wife Grilled Corn Tonight. For 2 1/2 Hours

Image credits: therallyking

#31 Just Wanted To Be Romantic, Ended Up With Lumpy Romance

Image credits: catnappedgathy

#32 There Was An Attempt By My Dad To Make My Brother A Patrick Star Birthday Cake

Image credits: can-i-offer-u-an-egg

#33 A Beast Cheesecake

Image credits: tomagkelly

#34 Just Makin' Smoothies

Image credits: Haganblount

#35 My GF Wanted To Cook For Me

Image credits: TacoLake

#36 My Apple Broke The Apple Cutter And Now I Have A Weapon

Image credits: rmbrmeforcenturies

#37 This Sums Up My Day. Why Isn't My Stock Simmering... It's Been Over An Hour

Image credits: ActualNameIsLana

#38 My Mom Wanted A Cherry Pie. After Making One From Scratch I Dropped It On My Way To Deliver To Her Porch

Image credits: www-pizza-gov

#39 The Cook At Applebee's Forgot To Take The Plastic Off The Slice Of Cheese Before He Added It To My Wife's Sandwich

Image credits: DudeFoods

#40 My Submission For Dumbest Way To Injure Yourself: I Burnt My Hand Taking Tomato Soup Out Of The Microwave. The Toast I Was Making Popped Up And It Scared Me

Image credits: missouriprincess

#41 How's Your Day Going?

Image credits: IcrombieI

#42 Making A Smoothie

Image credits: katierobson4

#43 Bake Bread They Said. An Overnight Rise Will Taste So Good They Said. Put In The Fridge They Said. It's So A Rewarding Hobby They Said

Image credits: thefirstdetective

#44 My Coffee Cup Managed To Fall Out Of The Cupboard On Top Of My Bowl Of Cereal This Morning

Image credits: DenHus23

#45 First Night In The New House And My Wife Cooks A Plastic Bag On The Brand New Stove

Image credits: Dadality0628

#46 My Daughter Used A Plastic Cutting Board For A Pizza Pan

Image credits: bveltzeeland

#47 When Your Husband Says He’ll Take Care Of Lunch

Image credits: hgt2f

#48 I Hope This Sink Is Clean

Image credits: mrpresident_2032

#49 Tried To Make Brownies

Image credits: Faradei

#50 I Tried To Make Cupcakes... And They Look Like Poop. Literally

Image credits: aforanyone

#51 Guess I Cut It A Little Too Hard

Image credits: pokemon-collector

#52 I Was Told You Guys Might Appreciate This. Made A Pie Today. Dropped A Pie Today

Image credits: beely_yumyum2x2

#53 Breaking News: Local Idiot Spills Spaghetti On Her Bed

Image credits: accentmarkss

#54 Didn’t Think To See If There Might Be A Cutting Board In The Oven Before Preheating To 400 Degrees

Image credits: Skidmarksman

#55 Black Bean "Burrito" My Roommate Made With Rice Paper. He Was Out Of Tortillas And Said "I Didn't Think It Would Look Like That"

Image credits: LampsHaveEyes

#56 Still Looking For An Answer On How This Happens

Image credits: _aniebananie9

#57 Tonight Was Foreign Culture Night In My House So I Decided To Cook A Traditional Dish From Pompeii

Image credits: CarbonChainz

#58 Meal Prepping Gone Wrong

Image credits: Element432

#59 A Bee Stung My Foot When I Put Them On. 40 Mins Later

Image credits: happys0ck

#60 Broiled Sids

Image credits: AmandineLeroy

#61 I Way Over-Estimated My Abilities

Image credits: kazarooni

#62 Forgetting About Your Pizza For 8 Hours. Burnt So Bad It Looks Like A Double-Chocolate Brownie

Image credits: daddysnakeboi

#63 Husband Tried To Make A Dolphin For My Cocktail. It's The Cutest Eel I've Ever Seen

Image credits: CharmingtheCobra

#64 This Attempt At A Rainbow Crepe Cake

Image credits: anotherfeller

#65 Dropped My Pizzaghetti

Image credits: DarenDeng

#66 My Mom Accidently Cooked My Sister Farrah's Glove. This Is Where I Get My Cooking Skills

Image credits: bryce_is_right

#67 My Dad Got Mad At A Pizza He Was Making And Threw It At Our Fence

Image credits: Peri-snot

#68 I Was Making Thai Basil Chicken Then I Turned Around For A Minute And My Brother Put Blue Food Dye In It. He’s 19

Image credits: liamoco123

#69 My Girlfriend Made Vegetarian Hotdogs

Image credits: roltrap

#70 Yesterday’s Bread vs. Today’s Bread After Realising The Yeast Was Out Of Date

Image credits: NothingButZuul

#71 To The Person Whose Pepper Grinder Is Broken, The Lid Of My Pepper Shaker Fell Off

Image credits: idfknk123

#72 I Just Wanted A Midnight Snack

Image credits: MightySuperNoodle

#73 140 Booked In My Restaurant Tonight. My Only Oven

Image credits: shidoshitanaka

#74 I Thought I Smelled Something

Image credits: Necroman_Empire

#75 Forgot To Set A Timer Boiling Eggs. The Sound Of Them Exploding Reminded Me

Image credits: Trevarty

#76 My Boyfriend Fell Asleep Making Pizza, It Cooked For Nine Hours

Image credits: Ipreferpintrest

#77 The Apple Your Parents Warn You About At Halloween

Image credits: CanadianGooseDuck

#78 I Think I've Got Macarons Down Pretty Well Guys, Any Suggestions On How To Start A Home Bakery?

Image credits: IceEye

#79 Baking A Cake In A Rice Cooker

Image credits: Nultad

#80 Birthday Cake I Made For My Husband. He’s So Lucky To Have Me

Image credits: aant85

#81 Made Croissants. Didn't Know I Was Supposed To Roll Them

Image credits: ditlit11134

#82 Good Morning. I’m Never Switching From Morton’s Again

Image credits: Angieslemonsoda

#83 Sliced Homemade Sourdough Bread Topped With Creamy Light Brie Cheese. Preheat Oven To 350 And Bake For 11 Hours. Enjoy

Image credits: nick122221

#84 Yikes

Image credits: ZombieRiot

#85 My Sister Tried To Make Matzah But Ended Up Summoning The Necronomicon

Image credits: trammeloratreasure

#86 Someone Left A Bread Pudding In The Back Of The Oven For 5 Days. So Here Is My New Pet Rock, Charlie

Image credits: WetDumpling

#87 Cute Dots On My Cheesecake Ended Up Looking Like A Skin Disease

Image credits: TheCoffeeToGooo

#88 Hedgehog Cake Apparently

Image credits: Old-Blighty

#89 My Sister Made My Brother A Birthday Cake

Image credits: AGBell97

#90 Cooking Skills Out Of This World

Image credits: latenightnelly

#91 First Time For My Sister In Law Cooking. I Think It’s A Little Bit Too Well Done

Image credits: thatguy1977

#92 I Tried Cooking One Time

Image credits: mutemutemutemutr

#93 Overheated

Image credits: Marijus Jasiūnas

#94 French Baguettes, Nailed It

Image credits: BlockArchitech

#95 What My Brother Was Trying To Make vs. What He Actually Made

Image credits: andcccc

#96 Professional Bakers Tasked With Baking An Alpaca Cake

Image credits: catbeweird

#97 How Is This Even Possible?

Image credits: tastefullyoffensive

#98 Tried Creating A New Pasta Shape And Ended Pasta Suitable For A Halloween Party

Image credits: Apieceofbreaddough

#99 This Cake

Image credits: maksetamo_

#100 My Mom Set The Microwave For 75 Mins. And Not 75 Secs

Image credits: lifewontwait86

#101 One Of Those Days

Image credits: Kyanita

#102 I Forgot My Pepper Grinder Was Broken, This Is The Second Time I've Done This

Image credits: Babbs25

#103 When You Slice A Bread And Can't Make The Sandwich

Image credits: bluebell959

#104 So Excited To Use My Pizza Cutter For The First Time

Image credits: BCFire22

#105 Bad Case Of Pizzaria

Image credits: EdgarBopp

#106 Me: This Tin Should Be Big Enough. Banana Bread: Freedom

Image credits: Antipodean247

#107 This Failed Attempt At Baking A Cake

Image credits: afsoltys

#108 It Finally Happened To Me

Image credits: chickenalfredy

#109 Just Wanted Some Balsamic Vinegar On My Salad

Image credits: EvilEngineNumberNine

#110 Someone Cut Me Up While Transporting Chilli For My Sister In Laws Birthday Dinner

Image credits: g-hannah85

#111 Attempted One Of Those Microwave Mug Cakes. Looks, Uh, Less Than Appetizing

Image credits: best_cricket

#112 Spaghetti Anyone?

Image credits: Ice0002

#113 Spring Rolls A La Coal

Image credits: NoSugarAddedToday

#114 Wife’s Attempt At Banana Bread

Image credits: brown4198

#115 Attempted To Make Flower Pancakes For My Wife As A Mother's Day Surprise But They Ended Up Looking Like Corona Cakes

Image credits: ChopperNYC

#116 Poached Egg

Image credits: jday315

#117 Sugar Syrup

Image credits: erotomaniac1

#118 Thought You Guys Might Like This Pie I Baked

Image credits: JustAnotherElsen

#119 Steve Harvey Cake

Image credits: vyn203

#120 I Thought I'd Make My Own Birthday Cake This Year

Image credits: TheFriendliestSloot

#121 When You Let Your 3-Year-Old Kid Make Graham Balls

Image credits: npad69

#122 My First Try At A Blancmange Didn’t Go Quite As Well As I’d Hoped

Image credits: Ninjamoo

#123 While In Quarantine, My GF Did Her Best To Bake Me A Hedgehog-Shaped Cake. Turned Out To Be An Evil Voodoo Mask

Image credits: pontiflexrex

#124 Just Six Hungry People Waiting On A Casserole At 8:00pm

Image credits: TheTwistedSkirt

#125 There Was An Attempt To Cook Rice

Image credits: TheProphetDave

#126 Brother Cooked, The Brother's Wife Decided Not To Taste. Cocoa Curd Pancakes, Not Cut In Pieces. I Just Leave It Here

Image credits: Laurynas Mažuolis

#127 One Day My Sous Was Consolidating The Walk In And Went Looking For Him And Found This

Image credits: ladydanger2020

#128 Our Boy’s Fifth Birthday Cake. Wife Tried Her Best

Image credits: TremololomerT

#129 So... My Dad Just Attempted To Make A Grilled Cheese

Image credits: reddit.com

#130 How To Not Make Nachos

Image credits: itsthephoshow

#131 My Roommate's Cheese Toast

Image credits: CollinLou

#132 Who's Ready For Christmas Morning Waffles?

Image credits: proscriptus

#133 Baking My First Bread

Image credits: PSEmon

#134 This Is What Defeat Looks Like

Image credits: spklovestheusa

#135 Great Way To Start The Day This Morning

Image credits: chrisdidit

#136 My Sister's "Candy Cane" Shaped Sugar Cookie Turned Into The Christmas Chode In The Oven

Image credits: TheKnightsGambit

#137 My First Attempt At Making Lemon Tea

Image credits: Unusual-Tone-2974