144 Examples Of Jerk Packaging Designed To Trick People (New Pics)

144 Examples Of Jerk Packaging Designed To Trick People (New Pics)

God is in the details, they say. But so is the devil. Especially when you’re hungry and drained after yet another bender day in this wild, wild world. And though jerk packaging designs do not apply solely to food, but come in many shapes and product categories, they are the solid reason why so many of us have some level of trust issues.

Like, putting three salami tranches on the side of a pizza so that it gets a “window view,” shining like a diamond out of the package, is borderline bearable. We bear this injustice only because we know it can get worse. Like a wrap packaged in such a way that it looks ⅓ bigger than it truly is.

So Bored Panda has compiled this list as a safe place to talk about shamelessly evil packaging designs that have been spotted all over the world. And even if the phenomenon is more or less universal, it doesn’t mean it’s okay. On the contrary, it serves as a reminder that it can always get worse than your chocolate box with 50% of the candy discreetly concealed from the packaging because it doesn’t exist.

Psst! More infuriating packages that boil even the most Zen blood of all can be found in our previous articles here and here.

#1 Bought These Sticky Notes Cause I Thought The Gold Border Was Nice

Image credits: KarmasDoll

#2 I Guess The Meatballs All Just Wanted A Window Seat

Image credits: joeChump

#3 Bought A Ball Pit For My Baby

Image credits: aditisar

#4 1001 Stickers And 768 Of Them Are Useless Squares. Thanks, Disney

Image credits: Mishi_Moshi

#5 8% Alcohol Or

Image credits: CucumberWizard

#6 My Sister Got This For Her Birthday

Image credits: GatorMaster2112

#7 So Thankful For My Singular Candy Topping

Image credits: hyrte0010

#8 This "Box" Of Beef Jerky

Image credits: boot1994

#9 Tricked By The Packaging Of My Moisturizing Cream

Image credits: Bail-Me-Out

#10 Both Weigh 500g But The Green One Is In A 30% "Bigger Bag More To Share"

Image credits: AApickleAA

#11 The Sticker Was A Lie

Image credits: Doophie

#12 This Cashew Packaging. I Was Wondering Why My Hand Instantly Hit The Bottom When I Opened It

Image credits: DiggyKalborn

#13 Disappointment

Image credits: Draiman402

#14 "Printed All Over" And Deliberately Leaves The Pattern On The Outside Of The Package

Image credits: sorden96

#15 Rolling Stone Presents (39 Of The) 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time

Image credits: -Owlette-

#16 Natural My Foot

Image credits: 93arkhanov93

#17 800 Pieces. Yeah Right. The Box Is Half Blocked And 550 Pieces Are Tiny Dot Pieces. My Son Was Not Happy

Image credits: robstraightedge

#18 This Math Constantly Being Used By Paper Towel Companies

Image credits: VapedScoops

#19 One Of The Blocks Isn't One Of The Blocks

Image credits: golden-potato

#20 Pam's Serving Size That Suggests There Are No Calories In Their Oil Spray

Image credits: EricTheBlonde

#21 Some Acrylic Paints I Bought

Image credits: LeeKellyLK

#22 I Was Wondering Why This Watermelon Juice Tasted So Weird

Image credits: spamtarget

#23 These Were Locked In A Glass Case Facing Forward So You Couldn’t Just Read The Back Before Purchase

Image credits: Taylor-Cox-TLC

#24 Ahh Yes, Reality Is Often Disappointing

Image credits: vicesam

#25 My Mother Ordered 1000 Plastic Blocks For Her Nephews. Ended Up Receiving 523

Image credits: Mrm854

#26 No, It's Not Bigger. It's Of Same Size

Image credits: ctp_obvious

#27 How Can They Even Call This "Non-Dairy?"

Image credits: thatcadiegirl

#28 Actual Size Is Not The Actual Size

Image credits: relishmypickles

#29 Package Of The Cheese vs. The Cheese Itself

Image credits: eszleny

#30 Powerade Is Using Shrinkflation By Replacing Their 32oz Drinks With 28oz And Stores Are Charging The Same Amount

Image credits: Capgunkid

#31 Free From No Added Sugar. Specifically Designed To Make A Lot Of Money And Keep You Addicted

Image credits: flesjesmetwater

#32 New Means What's Inside Is Not New

Image credits: raghu972

#33 Coloring Kit That Is 90% Empty And Counts Each Piece Of Paper As One Piece In 100 Pieces

Image credits: MchZ

#34 Tesco Is Selling "Flushable" Wet Wipes Which Are "Harmful To Aquatic Life"

Image credits: HarryMedawar

#35 Brand New Protein Powder, Not Even Filled Half Whey

Image credits: Furious_Flames

#36 Bought This For My 3-Year-Old. "The Claw" Is A Printout

Image credits: LongCry

#37 New Cereal Box Is 11% Taller With 1.6% Less Cereal

Image credits: ______---------

#38 This “HD Webcam” Runs At 640x480p Resolution

Image credits: po30555

#39 Xtreme Jerks I'd Say

Image credits: MigueeRL

#40 Bought A Coloring Book And Pencils To Keep Myself Busy While I’m Off Work. Thought These Were Full-Size Pencils

Image credits: eva_white

#41 "Made In U.S.A"

#42 Bought A Four-Pack Of Frozen Pretzels. Only Got Two And About 17 Salt Packets

Image credits: TheRealOcsiban

#43 This Box Of Mostly Sticks With Some Matches In It

Image credits: ampma

#44 Normal Shower Gel Versus XXL Shower Gel

Image credits: F_for_Respect_69

#45 Thought I’d Buy Some Colored Pens. Turns Out Every Single One Of Them Has Blue Ink

Image credits: desperate_ly

#46 9 Sticker Rolls. One Mildly Infuriated 7-Year-Old

Image credits: MrsPlague33

#47 Thought It Would Be More Cheese

Image credits: doodlez_himself

#48 This One Caught Me A Little Off Guard. We Always Buy These Same Ones And This Time I Pulled The Tube Out And It's The Size Of Those Mini Ones

Image credits: PotatoHippy

#49 “12 Days Of Hot Sauce” Advent Calendar Has Only Six Flavors

Image credits: WallyBeatles

#50 Packaging Is Interesting But What Is Inside Is Not

Image credits: avisahani

#51 Sugar Free = 16g Sugar

Image credits: iminiki

#52 My Chemistry Teacher Bought These Markers Thinking They’d Be The Full Rainbow. They Were All Black

It only says so in small print at the bottom right of the backside. Very misleading design even if it does save money for the company.

Image credits: Luke38

#53 This Pizza Tastes Like False Advertising

Image credits: SIRasdf23

#54 This Box Of Chocolates

Image credits: noinoinoinoinoi

#55 Why Do You Have To Play Me Like That?

Image credits: Avi3te

#56 “2 Pack” Of The Office Face Masks

Image credits: FaZeDanks1878

#57 Some Super Glue I Bought. Classic

Image credits: Uncle-Zippers

#58 I Got Lucky! Now In XL

Image credits: Hund007

#59 Chocolate Bars That Make It Look Like They Are For Dogs. But Are Not

Image credits: Odannyboy8

#60 I Absolutely Hate Paper Towel Packaging! Just Tell Me The Actual Number Of Rolls Dammit

Image credits: lnk7332

#61 Deceptive Packaging

Image credits: hawkssb04

#62 This Emoji Napkin

Image credits: Pr0bl3mChild

#63 A Yard Of Snickers. Sorry, But I Tore Out The Cardboard Flaps That Kept Them Centered

Image credits: casewood123

#64 This Jumbo Tube Is Only Filled To The Letter E

Image credits: ebjazzz

#65 Sneaky Packaging Cheating Us

Image credits: tenebralupo

#66 This Candy Burgers Bottom Bun Is Plastic Packaging Instead Of Candy, And It's Hollow From The Inside

Image credits: Leyds

#67 Thanks Jetstar For My Large Box Of Pencils

Image credits: tandol

#68 Sales Genius

Image credits: geoxan69

#69 Bowl Of Candy

Image credits: McBoogerbowls

#70 New Packaging (Right), Same Quantity

Image credits: tuf-tuf

#71 This Tub Of Fridge Magnets

Image credits: Fearners

#72 Pain

Image credits: 901koala

#73 My Disappointment Is Immeasurable

Image credits: ishippedmybed

#74 Is Anyone Else Bothered By Deceptive Packaging Like This?

Image credits: sevenhops

#75 My Disappointment Is Immeasurable And My Day Is Ruined. I Didn’t Even Get A Cotton Candy One

Image credits: RobloxLover369421

#76 Bought Cheap Headphones. The Cable Advertised vs. The Cable Given

Image credits: 34thVedicDeity

#77 Bought This "Emoji" Cake. This Is Actually Worse Than Those Emoji Lollipops

Image credits: Nicushot1

#78 Wondered Why My New Sheets Felt Like Garbage

Image credits: NarplePlex

#79 These Bluetooth Headphones Have To Be Permanently Plugged In To Provide Power

Image credits: EvilSuppressor

#80 Wtf Am I Getting?

Image credits: jeffy983

#81 The Struggle Is Real

Image credits: Botunda

#82 The Assembly Rating On Our New TV Stand

Image credits: tyranatos

#83 Off! Citronella Candle Not Intended To Repel Mosquitos

Image credits: bootnrally1

#84 Pink Is My Favorite Flavor

Image credits: MakGuffey

#85 Just Wanted Oyster Sauce. Instead Accidentally Got Oyster Brand Fish Sauce With A Picture Of An Oyster On It

Image credits: phatwalruses

#86 Almost Did It, Too

Image credits: Adecker100

#87 I’ve Said It Before And I’ll Say It Again: Quotation Marks Are Not For Emphasis

Image credits: ItHardToFindUsername

#88 I Just Bought This. If You Are Going To Cheat On Product Quantity, Shouldn't Have Used Clear Packaging

Image credits: pmvch

#89 Packaging Says 8 Slices, It's Actually 4 Slices Cut In Half

Image credits: komanaa

#90 Deception By Dosa ™️

Image credits: labandidalibre

#91 Coloring Book For My Son

Image credits: PhotosByDrew

#92 I Was Wondering Why It Was Feeling Smaller On The Inside Than On The Outside

Image credits: lenny_h81

#93 An Entire Tin Containing 8 Mini Snickers

Image credits: SweatersAndShawarma

#94 What A Nice Bucket Full Of. Nevermind

Image credits: VeSperoMagica

#95 This Sour Batch Candy Bag Felt Oddly Light

Image credits: KevroniCoal

#96 2/5 Away

Image credits: sean_Biota

#97 Even Worse - It's Stale

Image credits: katielh98

#98 Went To Poundland And Had The Choice Between These And After Eights, Got These Cause They We're Bigger, I Paid For Air

Image credits: niamsme

#99 Grampa Bought Some Paper Clips. To Their Credit, It Does Say "Contains 50 Paperclips" On The Back Of The Box, But

Image credits: JohnEdwa

#100 This Is Toothpaste. Why Pretend It’s Bigger Than It Is

Image credits: bumblingbuzzer

#101 Lovingly Handmade. Only 2/3 Of My Wrap

Image credits: ugogoel

#102 When You Tilt It To The Left

Image credits: Leafab

#103 I Paid Way Too Much To Be Bamboozled Like This

Image credits: Mayungi

#104 Making The Actual Number Of Items You’re Getting Almost The Same Color As The Packaging

Image credits: shiphop101

#105 Misleading Lox Window. Sneaky Little Hobbitses

Image credits: uglypatty

#106 My Daughter Was So Confused. She Thought I Gave Her The Wrong Popsicle

Image credits: nopenopenopersnope

#107 Ah Gee, Thanks

Image credits: McBoogerbowls

#108 Expected Cookie Dough. Got No Dough

Image credits: dfgross81

#109 They Got Two

Image credits: Joe00700

#110 Fun Fact They're All Like That And I'm Mad

Image credits: Amjad-ABK

#111 Ah Yes, White Chocolate

Image credits: dj_ordje

#112 Pret Is Mocking Me And Now I’m Hungry

Image credits: Sonoff

#113 Expected Half, But Ended Up With The Whole Pepperoni

Image credits: wr0way

#114 I Understand This Is A Fairly Common Trick, But Yikes

Image credits: Desolation82

#115 I Guess It’s Not Dishonest, But My Daughter’s Face Was Hilarious When She Pulled It Out Of The Packaging

Image credits: justshyof15

#116 I’d Say The Contents Were About As Much As Those Little Bags Of Pretzels From The Airline

Image credits: whylieimhigh

#117 Bought Some Eye Makeup, Just Realized One Of The Eyeshadows Isn’t Safe For Eyes. Found Out Via White Print On A White Background

“Not intended for use in the immediate eye area”

Image credits: PmMeYourFear

#118 This Angry Bird Gummies Are Actually Gummy Bears

Image credits: Red-Baron05

#119 Crappy Design Indeed. The Depth Of It

Image credits: Hscoma2112

#120 Couldn't Have Added 1 More Piece. Really

Image credits: GooGadget

#121 Not One Single Chip

Image credits: 91Hatch

#122 They Really Sold It With The Packaging

Image credits: bi03

#123 Got No Clue Wtf I Just Bought But It's Not What's Pictured

Image credits: LeChefromitaly

#124 You Can Probably Imagine My Daughter's Disappointment When We Opened Up This Crayola "Super Art Tub"

Image credits: arka80

#125 Why Have Empty Blister Packages At All

Image credits: kursedsun

#126 The Package Hides The Fact That The Middle Cookie Is Missing

Image credits: Fukushime

#127 I Should Have Just Hung A Real Play-Doh Container. Penny For Scale

Image credits: RockCT21

#128 Packaging Of These Chocolates

Image credits: mdebak7

#129 All That Plastic For 10 Eggs

Image credits: BarfieldBriffin

#130 Found A Cheap Kitchen Scale. I Feel Like Something Is Missing

Image credits: msstark

#131 What A Great Chocolate Bar. Oh Wait

Image credits: karma_x5_chameleon

#132 This Little Flap Covering What Could’ve Been Another 140 Balloons

Image credits: cybergrub

#133 Pack Of Three Could Have Easily Been Six, Or Half As Big

Image credits: notfirearmbeam

#134 Almost Bought These Until I Realized That The Packaging Pushes The Cookies Toward The Top To Make It Look More Full

Image credits: Z4ND3RZ

#135 The Most Stuff Is Barely Double Stuff

Image credits: CalTheVol

#136 Well Ok Then

Image credits: iFlyTheFiddy

#137 Outside Of Box vs. Inside Of Box. I Just Wanted What Was In The Picture. A Clear Bag

Image credits: noseworthy6

#138 These Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Image credits: xUsui

#139 Totally Thought It Was A Three-Pack

Image credits: notfirearmbeam

#140 Bought This "Large" Box Of Skittles At A Hockey Game. Had Fewer Skittles Than A Standard Bag

Image credits: gorhckmn

#141 $20 For 11 Chocolates. Happy Valentines

Image credits: itsaTalkingMuffin

#142 Brand New Pack Of Razors

Image credits: Mikaleide

#143 I Redeemed $100 Worth Of Reward Points For This Deceptively-Sized Makeup Sample

Image credits: say_ruh

#144 Could've Picked Up A Sample And Got More Product

Image credits: quichebebs