Panthers WR Devin Funchess kept a promise to a fallen soldier's mom on Monday night

Funchess fulfilled a promise he made to Dillon Baldridge’s mother. Devin Funchess made a promise to the mother of a fallen soldier on Sunday. He honored that promise with his first touchdown of the night in the Panthers ’ Monday Night Football win over the Dolphins .
Funchess and his teammates spent some time after the team’s practice on Sunday with the families of veterans who have lost their lives. He met the mother of Dillon Baldridge, who served in the Army.
“He was a top-notch shooter. He was a sniper,” Funchess said, via the team’s website . “His mom said he was the most joyful boy you’d ever meet. It was an honor meeting her. Just five months ago he passed away. It was an honor to get in the end zone for her.”
Funchess wore Baldridge’s initials on his helmet on Monday night. But he wanted to do something more to honor Baldridge’s memory.
“I told Dillon’s mom that I was going to get in the end zone for her,” Funchess said.
He did exactly that on a 28-yard score in the third quarter:

Funchess saluted the crowd after he scored. He made sure that Baldridge’s mother got the touchdown ball as a memento.
That wasn’t Funchess’ only score of the night. Cam Newton hit him for a 32-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter of the Panthers’ 45-21 win.
November is the NFL’s Salute to Service month. Funchess found a perfect way to show his respect to the family of a fallen hero.

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