WATCH: Emotional, Grieving Father Breaks Down When Family Presents Him With New Puppy

Source: Jaleen Xuereb/Facebook
You are going to want a tissue handy for this one.
James Xuereb’s dogs, Nemo and Lucy, meant the world to him. Sadly, both of them recently passed away. Xuereb had been extremely upset about losing them, so his family thought they would surprise him with a new dog in order to cheer him up.
Xuereb was totally caught off guard by the new Bichon Frise puppy his family gave him. Overcome with emotion, he could not believe his eyes. Watch his amazing reaction below.

“ These dogs are my dad’s life, ” Xuereb’s daughter, Jaleen, told ABC News. “Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect. The loss of our two dogs was devastating for him and we weren’t entirely sure if he was ready or not.”
Jaleen Xuereb knew her dad was probably ready for a new dog when she heard him talking about needing a new friend. Jaleen went with her mother, Wanda, to Fern Flett (Bichon Lovers Kennel) in Ontario, where they immediately fell in love with a little puppy.
“When I was talking to the breeder, I was signing all the papers and he kept climbing on my leg and barking at me,” Wanda Xuereb told ABC News. “The girls were sitting on the floor and every time he kept coming back to them.
Wanda Xuereb expected her husband to get excited about the new pup, but she never thought he would be overcome with emotion.
Source: Jaleen Xuereb/Facebook
“We kept this a secret a really long time,” Wanda Xuereb told ABC News. “We were really anxious. I can’t explain it. He considers them like children. It’s unbelievable.”
The Xuerebs chose to name the new puppy Lumo, combining the two names from their dogs that passed away.

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