ESPN’s Adam Schefter took a scary spill on ice, then got roasted on TV for it

Not cool. It’s a fun tradition, “C’MON MAN!” A chance to poke fun at NFL players who screwed up, or coaches who made questionable decisions. Ahead of the AFC Championship game there wasn’t a goofy moment to highlight, so Matt Hasselbeck made fun of Adam Schefter.

Schefter does his best to keep it playful, but he’s also quick to note that he slammed his head on the ground and was checked for a concussion afterward.
It’s interesting that Schefter chose to add, “so this is what players go through every week?” He has a point, and I’m sure it’s one the NFL wouldn’t be thrilled to hear.
Since his coworkers didn’t say it, I will: Glad you’re okay Schefty. Slipping on ice sucks.

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