23 Drugstore Beauty Products With a Cult Following

23 Drugstore Beauty Products With a Cult Following

If there’s one good thing that came out of 2020 for me, it’s my newfound passion for skincare. While staying at home this year, I’ve become slightly obsessed with watching TikToks and Youtube videos describing the best skincare products and practices—and which ones to avoid at all costs (I’m looking at you, apricot scrubs!).

One of my favorite content creators, @skincarebyhyram on TikTok, has over 5.9 million followers and has made a name for himself by reacting to celebs’ skincare routines and calling out brands with harmful ingredients. After bingeing his videos (he also has a Youtube channel) and doing my own research, I overhauled my skincare routine to include only the best ingredients and realized that taking care of your skin really does not have to expensive! 

I have also really enjoyed trying new makeup and hair products while staying at home, especially when they come at an affordable price. I’ve always appreciated drugstore beauty, but in recent months I’ve realized that there are endless amounts of great affordable products out there that people simply swear by. 

Here are 23 drugstore beauty products that have tens of thousands of five-star reviews and a huge fanbase: 

Renewing SA Cleanser

All of CeraVe's cleansers are extremely popular, but this relatively new one is gaining traction quickly. It's specifically formulated for problem skin and aims to smooth any unwanted texture.

Daily Moisturizing Cream

If you have sensitive skin or any sort of skin condition, this is the lotion for you. It's incredibly moisturizing, without being too greasy or heavy.

SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water is the most gentle (yet still effective) way to remove makeup, and I won't use anything else. Also, this plus reusable cotton pads are a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to makeup wipes!

Shea Moisture

Clarifying Mud Mask

This clarifying mask is awesome for when your skin needs a little extra love. The value is amazing, because this tub is huge—so you get tons of uses!

The Ordinary

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary made a name for itself with affordability, transparency, and effectiveness. I would say this product is the one I see the most in skincare routines and favorites videos.

Gentle Skin Cleanser

I know so many people who swear by this cleanser and won't use anything else. As the name implies, it's gentle and great for sensitive skin.

The Honey Pot

Sensitive Feminine Wash

This feminine wash is plant-derived and all-natural, as opposed to other options on the market that may have harmful ingredients. In addition, it has thousands of glowing reviews on Target's website!