53 Epic Songs About Friendship And Memories To Share With Your BFF On National Friendship Day

53 Epic Songs About Friendship And Memories To Share With Your BFF On National Friendship Day

Old and new songs about friendship to add to your friendship soundtrack.

There aren’t as many songs about friendship as there are drawn-out ballads about relationships, but maybe there should be.

Whether it's good song lyrics about friends, or it's a song you and your best friend can relate to on a deeper level, why not play these songs about friendship and memories on the best day of the year for your friends: National Friendship Day 2020!

(This year it happens on Sunday, August 2, 2020).

Your friends are your lifeline during the sad-song inspiring moments of your life, and they deserve musical tribute even more than your ex. Your friendship deserves an eclectic soundtrack that embodies your closeness, and there are plenty of friendship songs worthy of it.

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Here’s a comprehensive friendship playlist for you and your best friend that doesn’t include the songs that you drink wine and cry together to every Saturday night. Take a look below at our picks of the best songs about friendship and memories that you can send your BFF for National Friendship Day!

1. You’re My Best Friend - Queen

[embedded content]

A friend playlist would be incomplete without this 1975 hit by Queen. It’s earned its spot up front and center as the first on the list.

You might have heard it before in best friend photo slideshows and buddy movie intros. Sending this classic to your bestie will prompt a smile every time.

2. I'll Be There For You — The Rembrandts

3. Thank You for Being a Friend — Andrew Gold

4. You've Got a Friend in Me — Randy Newman

5. That's What Friends Are For — Dionne Warwick

6. Hey, Soul Sister - Train

[embedded content]

This lighthearted award-winner from 2009 is a perfect bestie jam. Although the lyrics could easily represent a blooming romantic relationship, they are heartfelt and wholesome, therefore fitting best friendships just as well if not better.

After all, who really comes to mind when you hear the term “soul sister?”

7. Wannabe — Spice Girls

8. Lean on Me — Bill Withers

9. We’re Going to Be Friends — The White Stripes

10. You’ve Got A Friend — Carole King

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11. Count On Me - Bruno Mars

[embedded content]

The adorable lyrics of this tune by Bruno Mars were definitely written for you and your bestie to belt out in the car on a road trip together. Or, send it to her as a reminder of your dedication and unconditional love.

“Count On Me” is for sure a new classic in the friendship song library.

12. With a Little Help from My Friends — The Beatles

13. No New Friends — DJ Khaled

14. Wind Beneath My Wings — Bette Midler

15. What About Your Friends — TLC

16. Lean On - DJ Snake, Major Lazer, MO

[embedded content]

Another modern track, “Lean On” by DJ Snake and Major Lazer (2015) features the feminine and beautifully idiosyncratic vocals of MO to convey the universal need for a friendly and caring shoulder.

If dancing is your best friend’s forte, then this song is the perfect one to send her as a pick-me-up or to remind her of your loyalty.

17. Waiting on a Friend — The Rolling Stones

18. Graduation (Friends Forever) — Vitamin C

19. I'll Be There — The Jackson 5

20. I’m Only Me When I’m With You — Taylor Swift

21. Youth - Daughter

[embedded content]

For friends who prefer softer indie vibes, “Youth” by Daughter (2015) is the perfect pick. The song laments about being young, and it’s an easy one to appreciate as friends. It’s the perfect addition to a playlist of memories of your friendship.

22. The Boys Are Back in Town — Thin Lizzy

23. Friends in Low Places — Garth Brooks

24. My Best Friend — Weezer

25. All My Friends — LCD Soundsystem

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26. Team - Lorde

[embedded content]

This will be an instant favorite for you and your “teammate.” Lots of Lorde’s songs are great to listen to with your friends, but this 2013 tune full of the realities of being young and reckless and the importance of having a partner-in-crime through it all sticks out.

Send it to your buds as a reminder that you have each other through thick and thin.

27. Gift of a Friend — Demi Lovato

28. Anytime You Need a Friend — Mariah Carey

29. My Old Friend — Tim McGraw

30. Girl — Destiny's Child

31. Real Friends - Kanye West

Perhaps one of the most heartfelt and melodic tracks off of Kanye’s 2016 album The Life Of Pablo, “Real Friends” talks about the realities of pursuing a career and having friends who may or may not stick with you through it all.

According to Kanye, real friends are few and far between, so treasure the ones who stick with you (and stick with them, too!).

32. Started From the Bottom — Drake

33. I Will Remember You — Sarah McLachlan

34. Just A Friend — Biz Markie

35. Song for a Friend — Jason Mraz

36. FRIENDS - The Carters

[embedded content]

Here’s a brand new song for your friendship soundtrack: “FRIENDS” by The Carters (as in Jay-Z and Beyonce). This fresh 2018 track is in a minor key, but the subject matter is far from depressing. Bey boasts about only her tightest friends how blessed she is to have them.

It’s the perfect friend song for a pair or your whole posse.

37. Good Friend and a Glass of Wine — LeAnn Rimes

38. Find Out Who Your Friends Are — Tracy Lawrence

39. That's My Best Friend — Tokyo Vanity & Tasha Catour

40. Summer Friends — Chance the Rapper

41. You’ve Got A Friend - James Taylor

[embedded content]

It wouldn’t be a friends playlist without “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor (1971). This oldie is all about dropping everything to be there for the person who means the most.

The vintage vibe is refreshingly acoustic and timeless: your parents likely included it in their own mix tapes for their best friends!

42. Deep Fried Frenz — MF DOOM

43. Never Had a Friend Like Me — Tupac Shakur

44. True Colors — Cyndi Lauper

45. Always Be Together — Little Mix

46. Brother - Mac Demarco

[embedded content]

Looking for that classic sound twisted into a newer track? Mac Demarco’s “Brother” from 2014 incorporates vaporwave notes into a low-fi, feel good song full of simple tips for how to be happy.

While the title implies that it’s directed toward a family member, replace “brother” with “friend” and the message is universally applicable for friendships and literal brotherhoods alike.

47. I Turn to You — Christina Aguilera

48. Send It On — Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato

49. I'll Stand by You — The Pretenders

50. Tongue Tied — Grouplove

51. My Same — Adele

52. Just Friends — Amy Winehouse

53. Me and My Girls — Fifth Harmony

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