60 Photos Of People Having A Worse Quarantine Than You

60 Photos Of People Having A Worse Quarantine Than You

Go nowhere, see nothing is today’s mantra for an estimated 20% of the world’s population. But let’s be real. Nobody saw the global lockdown coming. All the more so, nobody could expect how drastically it would change our daily lives.

When the home becomes your only playground, simple things get really damn complicated. From your TV dying on the first day of quarantine to walking around with a tooth knocked out because all non-essential business is closed, there are too many things that can go wrong.

Tune in for Bored Panda’s compilation of unlikely everyday struggles below to see that some people are having a worse day than you.

#1 Covid-19 Shut Down The Dental School I Was Getting Work Done On For The Next Month. Wish Me Luck

Image credits: pester21

#2 Went Into My Attic Looking For A Water Leak Coming Into My Living Room And It Appears That I'm Also In Quarantine With This Whatever Monstrosity Left This Behind. Its Soft To The Touch So I'm Assuming It's Still Around

Image credits: lvnwk

#3 Governor Just Ordered All “Non Life Sustaining” Businesses To Close, Including Construction And Contractors. This Is The Current State Of My Only Bathroom

Image credits: CarsonWentzylvania

With the coronavirus outbreak in full swing, phrases like “lockdown,” “flattening the curve,” and “self-isolation” have entered our daily vocabulary. Since these terms are new to the general public, let's see what they really refer to.

"Lockdown" isn’t a typical term used by public health officials, but it represents an order to stay indoors. Lindsay Wiley, a health law professor at the Washington College of Law, explained that “lockdown could be anything from mandatory geographic quarantine, to non-mandatory recommendations to shelter in place that can be issued by health officials at the federal, state, or local level.”

#4 We Have Been Forced Quarantined For 48 Hours. Notice The Empty Street And The Closed Gas Station And These Guys Managed To Get Into A Crash

Image credits: clopz_

#5 We Were Getting Our Kitchen Redone When The Corona Virus Happened. We Currently Are Living Through This With A Toaster Oven And A Sink

Image credits: legolas156

#6 Do Not Order Your Toilet Paper From The Wish App

Image credits: Bryan31285

Most of us are currently staying at home, while some are in "self-isolation." Self-isolation is mandatory for people positive with coronavirus who don’t have critical symptoms that’d require hospital intervention. It’s also a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of the virus.

You've probably heard of “flattening the curve”⁠—a widespread mantra of many health officials and politicians. It refers to flattening the curve in the chart graph that staggers the rate of coronavirus cases. If the curve is flattened, medical facilities will be able to provide tests and treatment to anyone who needs them.

#7 Can’t Explain To My Cats The Gravity Of What They’ve Done

Image credits: watanabelover69

#8 1st Day Of Family Quarantine. TV Dies

Image credits: TinyTownFamily

#9 My Kiddo Cut His Hair Yesterday, Then Agreed To Let Me Have A Little Fun With It Before We Fixed It

Image credits: KThingy

#10 Girlfriend's Grad Cancelled Due To The Virus So She’s Picking Up Her Degree From The Student Desk

Image credits: kookfart

#11 My Quarantine Is Fine, Thanks For Asking

Image credits: JustCallMeLyraM8

#12 Had To Say Goodbye To An Old Friend Today. I’ve Had It For About 11 Years And It Finally Gave In During My Quarantine. Rest In Peace, Buddy, And Thanks For All The Incredible Memories

Image credits: JakeyMcSwain

#13 So My Fridge Doors Just Fell Off

Image credits: CaptnRaz

#14 Behold, 125 Kazoos With Our Wedding Date On Them That Arrived At Our Door The Day We Emailed Everyone To Tell Them The Wedding Was Postponed

Image credits: rnilbog

#15 It Was Announced Today That My Country Is Going Into Lockdown. My Door Was Being Repaired When The Announcement Was Made And The Repair Man Left In A Panic

Image credits: fay8ell

#16 HS Teacher Remote Teaching. Our Platform Generates Unique Classroom Codes For Each Course. For My Course, I Have To Screenshot And Send "Jizzin' To God" To All My Students

Image credits: double_reedditor

#17 My Husband Has Been Home 24/7 For A Whole Three Days And My Dog Is A Full On Traitorous Bastard. It’s Like I Don’t Exist. This Is Crap

Image credits: urkillingme

#18 That Online Session Didn't Go Well Then. Not Surprised At All, These Next Few Weeks Are Going To Be Hell For Teachers & Parents

Image credits: twenty20reddit

#19 My Friend Went To The Apple Store Today Because He Broke His iPhone XS Both Front And Back. They Told Him That Because Of Corona The Repair Service Was Temporarily Closed. He Then Chooses To Buy The 11 Pro Which He Then Dropped When Opening The Box

Image credits: Motherhazelhoff

#20 It's Better Than Nothing

Image credits: nicknack605

#21 Bought 60 Doughnuts For The Office Today To Celebrate My 20th Birthday, Only To Be Told I Need To Self Isolate/ Work From Home For The Next Week

Image credits: Peencub

#22 That Was The Isolation Wine

Image credits: saturnsqsoul

#23 Poor Kid

Image credits: Are_You_Ok_Mate

#24 Today My Partner Learned That You Shouldn’t Put Off A Haircut Until The Apocalypse When The Only Person Left To Do It Is Your Girlfriend

I have never even trimmed my own ends. He calls this look “Cambodian garbage Hitler.”

Image credits: NotedHeathen

#25 Lost His Blueberries

Image credits: theshaeman

#26 I Didn’t Partake In The Toilet Paper Panic. Maybe I Should Have?

Image credits: ProjectIronhide

#27 So, I'm Stuck At H Here In Italy With Already Not Much To Do, And This Morning My GPU Decided To Just Fry

Image credits: Cunctator5

#28 Dropped My Charger Cable Behind The Desk To Then Go And Plug It In - It Landed On The Power Strip. And Turned It Off. My Computer Was On That. And So Was My Work

Image credits: Student_Arthur

#29 Dental Implant Just Fell Out And When I Called The Dentist I Was Told I Was Their “Last Call” As They Had Closed Until April 5th As Of 5 Minutes Ago

Image credits: MediumDrink

#30 Bathroom Flooded And I Lost Four Good Men

Image credits: CappaWasDetated

#31 Never Ordered Groceries To Be Delivered. I Just Wanted Three Bananas

Image credits: yeahidontknoweither

#32 Someone Forgot Their Bag Full Of Groceries

Image credits: mikaelasloth

#33 Day Two Of Captivity And My Son Clogged The Toilet. Then This

Image credits: krawler2

#34 As A Single Man Who Has Eaten Out Pretty Much Every Day Since I Was 19, This Whole "Fend For Yourself " Quarantine Plan Is Utter Crap

You see this? This is instant oatmeal and I messed it up. There is no hope for me. Stay healthy, folks.

Image credits: ride365

#35 Country Has Gone Into Lockdown The Day Before We Were Having A New Kitchen Fitted. No Oven, Stove, Nothing

Image credits: RuthlessYeezy

#36 Angry French Noises

Image credits: ImperatriceSaltea

#37 My Buddy Was Cleaning Out His Desk While At Home During The Quarantine, And Found A $50 Gift Card

Image credits: Juztaan

#38 We Had One Roll Left. Kids...

Image credits: RK-Today

#39 My 21st Birthday On Saint Patrick's Day, All Bars In My State Closed The Day Before

Image credits: dfc09

#40 Nothing Like Some Fresh Ground Coffee To Wake You Up In The Morning

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 My Product Is Finally Retail Ready Today, Just In Time For An Indefinite Nation-Wide Retail Shutdown

Image credits: xeno_sapien

#42 Someone Threw A Rock Through My Front Window At 4 In The Morning

Image credits: IR3kUNubs

#43 Can You Spare A Square?

Image credits: exaggeratedmodesty

#44 Quarantine Day 3: This Is Fine. We Are Fine

Image credits: rambler335

#45 My Sink Exploded

Image credits: Eeveemosby

#46 Well I Had An Interesting Time Covering My First ACC Tournament

Image credits: Khadejeh

#47 Quarantine In The UK. Day 2

Image credits: porest

#48 My Table Exploded, Now I Get To Pick Glass Out Of The Grass All Day

Image credits: theonlypeanut

#49 Guys, It Has Been An Honor

Image credits: RobbertvanderVelden

#50 Tried Spraying Lysol On My Chair To Disinfect It. Now It Looks Like I Went Too Far With My 'Private Time'

Image credits: dopeswagmoney27

#51 I Bought 1 Kg Of Local Honey To Last Me Through The Quarantine Period

Image credits: mobius_twee

#52 Found Out My Toaster Can Work As A Timer, Even When Not Plugged In. Now I Have To Wait Another 20 Minutes To Find Out How Good These Fish Sticks Are

Image credits: zxvegasxz

#53 Day 5 Of Quarantine

Image credits: expedia69

#54 Since Gyms Are Closed, Decided To Do A Workout At Home. Cut My Head On A Doorframe Doing A Chin-Up. Good Thing I’m Completely Bald So It’s Even More Noticeable

Image credits: movieking

#55 I’m Actually Out Of Toilet Paper So Last Night And Tonight I’ve Had To Come Poop At My Local Target Because They’re Still Sold Out

Image credits: King-Mugs

#56 Stay Inside They Said

Image credits: W33213

#57 I'm Regretting Panic Buying $100 Worth Of Legos To End Up With My Children Ignoring Them And Instead Playing With A Cardboard Box And A Can Lid For The Last 2 Hours

Image credits: YossarianC022

#58 I Just. I Just Want The Basic Things To Still Work

Image credits: Only_For_Reddit_35

#59 Day 1 Of UK Lockdown And Apparently, Repairing The Boss' Car Is 'Essential Work' Who Knew?

Image credits: kingParson

#60 The Potato Pudding You See Was Supposed To Be Mashed Potatoes

Image credits: boredtiredhungry12