63 Times Birds Acted Like Such Jerks, People Had To Shame Them On The Internet

63 Times Birds Acted Like Such Jerks, People Had To Shame Them On The Internet

#1 "Is This Cake Batter?!" *dunks Entire Head In*

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#2 Yoink!

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#3 Angry Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes And Throws Them To The Ground

Image credits: Isaac Sherring-Tito

You might be willing to give our flying feathered friends a pass, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that birds can be real cretins. Just like some people. Sometimes worse. From aggressive behavior to unquenchable greed, one look at these birds will have you thinking its an apt representation of what human society would look like after the Apocalypse. And if birds are distant descendants of dinosaurs, I’d rather not think of the dastardly pranks that a T-Rex and his pals would pull if they were ever cloned!

#4 Mr. Steal Your Fries

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#5 Classic

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#6 Sometimes When Billy Is With His Friends He Can Be A Bit Mischievous

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It’s not just us who think birds are idiots. Scientists are on our side. Taki’s Magazine writes about the very worst flying egomaniacs who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Take hummingbirds as an example. The males are so greedy, they claim bird feeders, and won’t let anyone else near them. Not even for a taste.

#7 The Cement Wasn’t Dry Yet..but Who Cares If You’re This Bird...

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#8 Get A Load Of This A**hole...

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#9 Who's Laughing Now A**hole?

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Now, are you ready for something spooky and chilling about crows? I warn you, you’ll never look at them the same again. Crows are, apparently, the living embodiments of gluttony. They eat everything. And I mean everything. From garbage to tiny, beautiful baby birbs. Crows have a special appetite for robins and bluebirds. I did warn you.

#10 The Australian Firehawks

Australian firehawks proactively spread wildfires. Observers report both solo and cooperative attempts, often successful, to spread wildfires intentionally via single-occasion or repeated transport of burning sticks in talons or beaks. After succesfully spreading the fire, the "firehawks" are able to pick out fleeing prey or mung on the charred remains of those critters who didn't make it out in time.

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#11 So.. Did The Bunny Grow Wings And Go To Heaven?

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#12 It Looks Better On The Floor, Karen

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Oh, and if you thought that the majestic bald eagles are exempt from criticism, think again. They’re such jerks that even other birds think they’re jerks. Bald eagles are so inept at hunting, they usually steal other birds’ prey or eat carrion, like vultures. Yuck.

#13 This Area Was Re-Seeded And Roped Off To Keep People From Walking On It To Allow The Grass To Grow

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#14 This Goose Is Fery Angry

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#15 This Bird [friggin] Hates Spelling

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Not to mention some of the biggest meanies around — Canada geese and swans. Canada geese are legendary for their aggression and are known for how often they attack people. Though, according to USA Today, they only do so because people are expanding into their territory and getting too close to their eggs or newborn birbs. The same goes for swans: though they’re graceful and beautiful, they will stop at nothing to defend their kids if anyone gets near them.

If you ever see a hummingbird eyeing your ice-cream or a crow looking at you funny — drop everything and run. Hide. And lock the doors. Otherwise, you might be another victim of jerk birds.

#16 I Don't Think This Bird Can Read

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#17 Just Came Home To This Ass****

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#18 Trying To Take A Picture Posing With The Birds

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#19 This Hawk Has Approximately Zero F**ks To Give About The Bees

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#20 Everyone: “Hey How’s Your Life Going?” Me: “Yeah Fine Thanks”

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#21 Stretch Swan

#22 “Guess I’ll Nest On This [friggin] Coffee” - Pigeon

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#23 Yoink

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#24 Nice Paint Job. Be A Shame If Someone...

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#25 Taken One Second Before Disaster

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#26 Payback To The Masters

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#27 Just A Nibble

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#28 Caught Him Eating My Carrot I Left On The Couch...

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#29 Birds Being Jerks

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#30 Bird Trying To Snack On The Family Pet

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#31 Seagull Attack

#32 Beware Of The Cobra Chicken

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#33 Get Over Here!

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#34 Duck Gives No Ducks

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#35 Logan Let His Damn Bird Out

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#36 Basically A Summary Of What Its Like To Own A Bird

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#37 It Looks Like Dozens Of Birds Decided To Sh*t On One Car At My Work

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#38 This Photo Of A Pelican Trying To Eat My Phone

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#39 Parrot Does An Oopsie

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#40 Corvids Being Jerks To Other Birds

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#41 Theft Bird

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#42 I Work In Housekeeping And This Butthole Undid My Work!

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#43 Birds Being Jerks

#44 Incoming!

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#45 Eagle Wins At This Power Game

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#46 A Hawk Used My Car As A Dinner Plate This Morning

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#47 Baby Bird Landed In One Of My Customers' Chicken Marsala

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#48 Jerk Bird

#49 Bird Being Jerk

#50 Bird Being Jerk

#51 No Hooman You All Will Not Facetime Without Me!

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#52 My Friend Took This Down At The Beach The Other Day... Need I Say More?

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#53 Reason For Lack Of Homework? "The Bird Is An Ass****"

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#54 Making My Son Cry Because She Stole His Sucker. And The Look In Those Eyes Is Pure Evil

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#55 Seconds Before Disaster Birb

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#56 Bird Sniper

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#57 A Thief

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#58 Must You Stand On My Forehead?

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#59 Look At This Jerk

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#60 So This Dick Takes The Best Parking Spot Today

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#61 It Looks Better On The Floor, Karen

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#62 Haha Got Ya!

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