75 Embarrassing Moments When People Didn’t Realize Who They Were Talking To And Made A Fool Of Themselves

75 Embarrassing Moments When People Didn’t Realize Who They Were Talking To And Made A Fool Of Themselves

There’s something so sweet about seeing a smartass getting off their high horse. And the subreddit “Don't you know who I am?” is giving us a rare glimpse into multiple such occasions. Created on the 21st of June, 2015, the community has grown to 429,000 members who play a part in collecting all the internet’s “gotcha’s!” gone wrong.

“This is a place for instances of people not realizing who they're talking to is who they're talking about,” says the description, and you must already know what to expect. Like, the embarrassing moment when a recruiter rejects a job candidate and sends him some “write-ups to study to get an understanding of the process” only to find out that those were written by that very candidate.

The level of cluelessness in this post is dangerously high, but this is what makes it particularly funny. So, buckle up, we’re about to feast on some hand-picked Don't you know who I am?’s.

#1 Apparently Women In Science Can’t Be Real

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#2 It's Always Fun

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#3 Improve Your Argument

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To find out more about the “Don’t You Know Who I Am” subreddit, Bored Panda reached out to its moderator u/Acoustag, who took over as a head moderator around a year ago since the team at the time didn’t have time to maintain the subreddit any longer. u/Acoustag is now in charge of day-to-day operations of the subreddit.

“At the moment, we average around 20 new posts per day, but usually half or less of those actually get approved,” he said. Turns out, the sub had an issue with mass reposting of content in the past, but the mod team has now solved that.

Meanwhile, they try to keep the content fresh. “Certain niche subreddits like ours definitely struggle for new content, though. There are only so many 'Don't You Know Who I Am?' interactions happening each day,” u/Acoustag explained.

#4 Oof

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#5 Looks Like Himself

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#6 Famous British Writer

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Turns out that the viral “Tony Hawk” posts where people don't recognize the legendary skater were the ones that inspired the whole “Don’t You Know Who I Am” concept.

“They definitely started it all for me. Tony holds a special place of reverence in the heart of our community. Just google 'Tony Hawk not recognized Twitter' and you'll find tales of many confused strangers suggesting that Tony Hawk must be related to the skateboarder, Tony Hawk. Or Tony Hawk looks like the skateboarder, Tony Hawk. It's all so ridiculous.”

The overall content in the subreddit is best defined as "light-hearted fun," said the mod. “We're not looking to shame people for acting important, or to 'call them out' for not recognizing somebody important.”

#7 Barber

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#8 When They Don't Know

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#9 The Governator Himself

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Having said that, some interactions can indeed get a little heavy. Like, “involving gender, race, religion, etc.—we aim to keep the discussion clean & civil, and remind our community that most posts here boil down to an 'Oops! I didn't realize!' moment.”

Today, the subreddit has loosened some of the posting rules to allow for more content (posts no longer require well-known people). At the same time, the team “cracked down on reposting rules due to karma-farming accounts. We've held polls in the past to see what changes the community would like to see, but everyone seems to like it as it is,” u/Acoustag concluded.

#10 Old White Men In Black

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#11 Actually, It's Dr. Science Expert

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#12 So, Someone Decided To Rick Roll Tiktok

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#13 Now That You Mention It

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#14 Christians Owning Christians

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#15 Female? Please Stick To Female Issues Then

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#16 The Irony Of It All

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#17 Tom Morello Is Raw Af

Image credits: overdosed93

#18 Ever Been On A Dairy Farm?

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#19 Whether A Weather Girl Or Not, This Was A Good Take Down

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#20 Telling A Doctor To Educate Herself

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#21 Tom Morello Lives On This Sub

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#22 She's A British Olympian

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#23 Telling A Cardiologist She Needs To Do A Study On The Heart

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#24 Telling Buzz Aldrin To "Do Your Research" On The Moon Landing

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#25 We Are Moving Forward With Another Candidate But Let Me Refer You Some Write-UPS That You Wrote Because I Can't Do Basic Research

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#26 Yes, Yes, Yes And Yes

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#27 Book People Reminiscing Words From Not-So-Book People

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#28 Kindly Remove Yourself, Austrian Overlord

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#29 Tony Hawk With His Existential Crisis Again

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#30 Well Ofcourse I Know Him! He’s Me!

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#31 A Bioweapons Expert Refutes That The Coronavirus Is A Bioweapon

Image credits: grab_ur_rape_whistle

#32 How Dare You Play Your Own Music, It Is Copyrighted

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#33 Wholesome Interaction. Most Writers/Accusers Should Be Chill Like This

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#34 Guy Attempts To Call Out An Expert On Twitter, Gets Shut Down

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#35 Her Father Was The Lead Visual Effects Artist On Star Wars

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#36 What’s Your Source, Eh?

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#37 Tony Hawk's Twitter Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

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#38 Condescending People Are The Worst

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#39 Lawyered!

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#40 Oof

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#41 Rip Dave

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#42 What Makes You Think That Video’s About You?!

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#43 Telling The Creator About How His Show Wasn’t Made To ‘Be Political’

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#44 I Honestly Can’t Think Of A Title.

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#45 Doctor

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#46 Dude Attempts At Justifying The Stupidity Of Americans

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#47 Unrecognized Phoebe Bridgers

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#48 Teaching A D&d Writer How To "Win" At D&d.

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#49 Hah, Gotcha!

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#50 Telling A Marine To Ask A Marine

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#51 Hello. I Am A Us Lawyer.

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#52 How Dare You Not Support Our Brave Nurses!

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#53 Simpsonsed

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#54 Artist Blows Shot

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#55 Dwight's Coming In Strong

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#56 Doki Doki Literature Club Creator Told He Was Demonitized For Not Adding Creative Value To The Music He Created

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#57 Guy Gets Upset Over A Streamer/Content Creator Appearing On The Ps5 Event

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#58 Medical Professional

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#59 You Definitely Stole Your Jokes

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#60 She Tried To Start Something

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#61 You Have A Cartoon Profile Pic, Your Opinion Doesn't Count

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#62 Off Duty Police Chief Challenges Shopper Over Mask, Shopper Responds With "Who Are You, The Police?", Comedy Ensues.

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#63 I'm Guessing He Didn't Flunk His Senior High Government Class.

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#64 I Was Told You Might Like This Here

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#65 Always Credit The Artist

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#66 Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse

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#67 Ah, Quora

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#68 I Am Jo Sharp!

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#69 This One's A Classic But Haven't Seen It On Here Yet

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#70 I Know What's Going On In Russia. I'm Russian.

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#71 Understandable, He’s Only In Every Episode

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#72 A Real Star Wars Fan

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#73 A Rare Case Of The Famous One Being The Victim

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#74 Pr vs. Pr

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#75 [email protected]®k ₩hø₱₱ûß?

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