8 Stunning Female Celebrities with Dimples

8 Stunning Female Celebrities with Dimples

Not everyone was blessed with a pair of cute dimples on their cheeks. But those who got them can use this superpower to conquest the hearts of millions. This little detail makes the smile unforgettable and even more charming. So let’s have a look at the eight most stunning female celebrities with dimples on their cheeks!

1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda looks like a supermodel because she is one. From her figure, hair, eyes, and up to those devilishly cute dimples make her a perfect specimen of femininity.

2. Ashley Benson

Ashley is best known for starring in Pretty Little Liars, but she started out on Days of Our Lives. Do you think she met doctor Ramoray there?

3. Ariana Grande Everyone loves Ariana. Some are fans of her music, while others prefer seeing her on TV, but we can all agree that her smile can melt polar ice! All thanks to the dimples. 4. Kate Middleton Kate, Middleton, or rather Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is not just some Katy, she’s British royalty now! After marrying Prince William, she could very well become the next Queen of Great Brittain. 5. Bar Refaeli You’ve probably seen Bar Refaeli on magazine covers, in classy commercials, and even in movies and on TV. This busy lady is already one of the most successful models in the world, and she’s only 35 years old. 6. Eliza Dushku Ever since I saw Eliza staking vamps and demons in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her adorable smile has been haunting my dreams. Remember Dollhouse? Her dimples saved that show! 7. Lauren London Lauren is obviously incredibly attractive, but out of all her outstanding facial features, the two tiny pits are her trump card. Dimples are truly a gift from Mother Nature. 8. Audrey Tautou Last but not least, we have the French actress and model – Audrey Tautou. With the body of a goddess and the face of an angel, it’s no surprise that she was also blessed with a pair of magical dimples to complete the divine set.