82 Of The Most Unusual Things Found In Second-Hand Books

82 Of The Most Unusual Things Found In Second-Hand Books

The treasures inside second-hand books aren't limited to the texts they possess. From time to time, readers leave all kinds of gifts for others to discover. Some of them, like a pair of glasses, are simply forgotten between the pages but every once in a while, a good samaritan leaves behind a little thingy just to make your day. Continue scrolling through this list by Bored Panda and check out what I'm talking about for yourself! Oh, and upvote your favorite entries along the way.

#1 Found A Little Surprise In The Library Book I Borrowed

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#2 Found A Dried Lizard Between My Book's Pages

Image credits: MOstred

#3 These 4 And 5 Leaf Clovers I Found In This Nearly 200-Year-Old Book

Image credits: sethyy12345

#4 Somewhere Back In Time, The Former Owner Of These Glasses Is Still Looking For Them

It looks like they have been in there so long, they have cracked the binding. Found in "The Story of a Fight" by Hugh Lloyd

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#5 I Found This In A Random Book On The Shelves Of A Cafe

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#6 My Son Found A Report Card From Nearly 100 Years Ago In His Library Book

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#7 I Found This In A 1949 Children's Book I Bought Today

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#8 Nothing Like Picking Up A Book And Finding A Photo (And Autograph) Of The Author Inside

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#9 A 1970's Plane Ticket

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#10 We Found This Lovely Lady In A Book We Listed Yesterday. She Has Been Trimmed From A 19th Century Women's Periodical Or Magazine

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#11 Beautiful Photo Found In A Copy Of "Birds Of Alaska"

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#12 Bacon Bookmark

Image credits: simtand

#13 Here's A Stick Of RAM I Found In Tracy Chevalier's "Remarkable Creatures"

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#14 Kiss Found In "The Grove" By John Rector⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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#15 One Of My Favorite Finds. An Invitation, Of Sorts, Written On A Singed Piece Of Paper

Pledge Marilyn Clark, 

Well, it's begun and now we'll see if you can take it. I want you to find out who I am and leave me a note in my mailbox today. I'm sweet, shy and innocent. Also, I'm a blonde, about 5'. Find out what has happened to me recently and know all about me.

I have some work for you. 

Your Beautiful Initiator 

Found in "A Sociology of Education" by Wilbur Brookover

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#16 Unexpected Find Found In A Book

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#17 Our Worker Found This Lock Of Hair While Doing An Inventory

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#18 Things I Have Found In Books

Amongst all these letters, photos and bookmarks you will see a report from the Adult Parole Board dated 1987. The person mentioned had been in Pentridge Prison since late 1977 for a very vicious murder committed under the influence of alcohol. The eleven page report states that he was quite intelligent and articulate but had been in trouble while in prison and had been moved around the prison system.It also says that he was hoping to start a new life once released and planned on changing his name. Whether he was released, or when, is unknown as I can find no record of him after the date on the parole papers

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#19 Found A Cool Surprise In My Library Book

Image credits: k80k80k80

#20 Don’t Have A Bookmark? Try Using A Taco (Actual Photo Of An Actual Book Found In The Book Drop At My Library In Indiana A Few Years Back)

Image credits: miss_amandamae

#21 Found In My Copy Of "Moby-Dick"

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#22 Found In An 1860's Era Bible

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#23 Vintage Paper Doll Pieces Found In "Joyful Songs"

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#24 Note Found In "The Book Of Outdoor Gardening" By Smith And Hawken ⁣

Dear Mommy, ⁣

I think that you are very very pretty. ⁣

Love, ⁣

Lacey ⁣

I love you Mommy ⁣

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#25 Doll Dress. Found In "The Mysterious Image: A Nancy Drew Mystery" By Carolyn Keene

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#26 Ring Found In "Some Tales From Uncle Remus" By Joel Chandler Harris

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#27 Spider In A Book. One Of My Coworkers Found This In Volume 3 Of "The Family Shakespeare" From 1807

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#28 Received At Our Donation Center. Someone's Drug Stash In A Book

Image credits: friendssfpl

#29 What's The Most Unusual Thing You Have Used As A Bookmark? We Found This Gem In A Book

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#30 Ambassador And Madame J. H. Van Roijen Red Cross Membership Card From 1956

Image credits: uair01

#31 Advertising Button From The Dairymen's League. Found In "Farms And Farmers" By William H. Clark

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#32 Found This In House I’m Tearing Apart In A Book Like Someone Wanted To Keep Them Don’t Think It’s Real Money

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#33 Could Someone Explain What These Save Buttons Are Doing In The Back Of My Book?

Image credits: dangerlopez

#34 Found In My Used Book

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#35 Found In An 1860's Bible

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#36 Found A Dog License From 1919 In "The Oregon Trail"

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#37 Found In Textbook. Guess They Were Lightening Up The Mood

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#38 Found This In A 1947 Red Cross First Aid Textbook

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#39 Used Books Store Has A Wall Of Forgotten Bookmarks

Image credits: KaiF1SCH

#40 Favorite Photos I've Found Left In Books

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#41 A 30-Year-Old Ticket Stub To Van Halen's Monsters Of Rock Tour

The book is "Between the strokes of night", a sci-fi book from 1985 by Charles Sheffield. This "bookmark" might be from the original owner

Image credits: Kindred359

#42 A Message And A Coin

"Rember me

To my dear friend Hazel, keep this book and read it in your spare time. It was great fun seeing u & I hope to do this again. Until that time keep in touch.

Your friend, Juliana R"

Image credits: MissGoldenDragon

#43 Dead Bookworm Found In A Late 16th Century Book

Image credits: chimx

#44 Found A Garden's Worth Of Pressed Flowers And Plants In A Book From 1833

Found in volume five of "The New Testament with Commentary and Critical Notes by Adam Clarke" published by B. Waugh and T. Mason

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#45 This Is By Far The Sparkliest Forgotten Bookmark We've Seen

So far we've seen receipts, photos, postcards, candy wrappers and even used popsicle sticks in returned books

Image credits: whitinsvillelibrary

#46 One Key, Tied To A String. Found In A Sealed Envelope From The Gladstone Hotel In New York City

The book was "Dr. Priestley Investigates" by John Rhode

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#47 Here's One Of The Strangest Finds: A "Sensation" Hair Net

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#48 Found This Forgotten Bookmark

Image credits: sexingthecherry

#49 South Australian Apple Users' Club Member Card Found In A Book

Image credits: found_in_books

#50 Empty Box Of Mr. T Crayons Found In "Encyclopedia Brown Carries On" By Donald J. Sobol

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#51 United States Army Patch. Found In "Vanguards Of The Frontier" By Everett Dick

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#52 Be Careful Out There Reading Adventurers. Found This In A Library Book

"CAUTION: Reading can be very addictive and fun!"

Image credits: chandlerlibrary

#53 Eek! This Cockroach (Cut From A Much Older Book) Was Found In A Copy Of "Monsters" By Leonard Wolf

Image credits: inandoutofbooks

#54 Found This Book Review

"This is a scarry book Im note afrayd to"

Image credits: else_fine

#55 Scary But Adorable Dinosaur Drawing Found Between The Pages

Image credits: foundnbound

#56 Forgotten Bookmark 3: Kevin. This Is His 6th Grade Picture From 2001. Kevin Is My Favorite. His Nose Was Missing When I Found Him

Image credits: devonstranger

#57 Found This Book Of Matches From Lee's Hawaiian Islander, Lyndhurst, Nj

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#58 Wife's Great-Uncle Passed Away. His Only Possessions Were An Old Radio And A Little Book Of Pics From The War. Found This One In There. Hitler's House, July 1945

Image credits: robbiedenali

#59 I Found Nick Offerman's Autograph In His Book At Target. None Of The Other Books Had It

Image credits: Hiimhunter

#60 My Mother Found A 108-Year-Old Ticket To A Fair In An Old Book Being Used As A Bookmark

Image credits: The_Law_Giver

#61 A Book I Found At The Thrift Store Had A Secret Compartment With A Check In It

Image credits: roachnectar

#62 In A Vintage Hemingway

Image credits: cassodragon

#63 Forgotten Somali Notes As Bookmarks

Image credits: KinesioDude

#64 Found In A Copy Of The Sparrow I Picked Up From Thrift Books

Image credits: Janke47

#65 Found In Moore, Oklahoma Along With A Bookmark For Square Books In Oxford, Mississippi

Found in "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson 

Image credits: inusedbooks

#66 Fabric Patch For The Bear Cub Scout Program With A Safety Pin

Found in "Adventures in the Haunted House" by Page McBrier

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#67 That Time Edgar Allan Poe Fell Out Of My Library Book. This Academic Baby Daddy Just Made My Day

Image credits: megsbentley

#68 Found This Children's Play Badge (It's Metal And Pretty Solid) In "Springboard To Tokyo"

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#69 A Charming Handmade Bookmark Found In "Little Women"

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#70 A Time Traveler From The 70's Greeted Me When I Opened This! Found In "Free To Be... You And Me" By Marlo Thomas

Image credits: inandoutofbooks

#71 Sometimes What You Find In An Old Book Is A Bit More Exciting Than The Old Book Itself

Image credits: jennifer.rojeanne

#72 Medusa Bookmark Found In A Book

Image credits: billy_mo

#73 Found In A Library Book

"I need to get rid of my anger before I let anyone in again"

Image credits: themostinept

#74 Homemade Bookmark. Found In "The Submarine Boys' Lightning Cruise" By Victor Durham. Published By Saalfield, 1910

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#75 Found This Neat Little Metal Bookmark In "The Life Of Colonel Paul Revere" From 1909

Image credits: forgottenbookmarks

#76 Homemade Laminated Bookmark Featuring The Statue Of Liberty. Found In "Learn To Bake... You'll Love It!"

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#77 Took A Book From A Free Library - Found $20 And It Was Dated Christmas 2001

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#78 Found These In A Book I Bought At A Used Book Store. Money Distributed In The Philippines During The Japanese Occupation

Image credits: Ipeunipig

#79 Friend Just Found This In An Old Shakespeare Book. Any Idea How Much They Owe Now?

Image credits: Jakeysuave

#80 A Guy In My Japanese Class Found This In The Back Of His Book. Can Relate

Image credits: funkystuhero

#81 Got Home From A Used Book Store And Found This Bookmark

Image credits: amadeus06

#82 Found Tucked Between The Pages Of A Secondhand Textbook I Bought

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