A "deep" partial lunar eclipse is expected to be visible from Ireland tonight


You won't want to miss this.

A partial eclipse of the moon is set to be visible from Ireland on Tuesday evening.

The eclipse is due to start as the moon rises in Ireland – just before 10pm - and Astronomy Ireland are inviting members of the public down to their headquarters to witness the event.

Nearly two thirds of the moon will go inside Earth's shadow from just before 10pm until midnight, Astronomy Ireland say and through the use of their powerful telescopes, craters on the moon, as well as the mountains inside the craters, will also be visible.

Tonight's event has been described as quite a 'deep' eclipse, and one not to be missed.

The event will begin at 9:30pm at Astronomy Ireland Headquarters in Blanchardstown on Tuesday night, lasting until midnight.

It is an all ages event, and completely free, so if you're in any way interested, you should head along.

The eclipse is due to take place just days before the 50-year anniversary of the Moon Landing, and there will also be a talk from David Moore on how lunar eclipses in the past affected the civilisation we have today.

More information is available on the Astronomy Ireland website here.