Adam Driver Compares Star Wars To His Work On Netflix’s Marriage Story

Adam Driver Compares Star Wars To His Work On Netflix’s Marriage Story

21 minutes ago

Among Adam Driver’s deeply interesting career in independent projects such as Frances Ha, Paterson or BlacKkKlansman, his most iconic character is probably the biggest outlier. Because of this, you’d think he’d characterize his work in the new Star Wars trilogy as Kylo Ren as vastly different from anything he’s ever done. Yet, he’s found comparisons between his two upcoming movies: Rise of Skywalker and Netflix drama Marriage Story. Here’s what Driver recently said:

As the Ben Solo actor tells it, what remains the most important part of his job on a movie set is discussing character, regardless of being on the massive $200 million budget blockbuster or a small indie passion project such as Marriage Story. Here are the differences per his recent Total Film Magazine (via Gamesradar) interview:

So, it’s just more crowded! There’s probably an awesome ship or Star Wars creatures around too! It’s refreshing to hear something like this from Adam Driver. He’s seasoned in smaller projects, but it’s nice to know his job isn’t compromised because there are more moving parts on the set of a big budget Star Wars movie. The actor namely attributed this to the directors behind the camera on the new trilogy: J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson.

On the other side of things, Adam Driver has two buzzy performances for both Marriage Story and The Report. The first of which is a drama about his character Charlie and his wife Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) as they go through a divorce. CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell rewarded the upcoming Netflix movie a perfect 5 stars in his review. The Report is a true story about the CIA’s secret torture program after 9/11. Driver plays Senate staffer Daniel Jones, who lead the investigation.

There’s plenty of Adam Driver to go around! See The Report in select theaters on November 15 ahead of coming to Amazon Prime on November 29, Marriage Story on Netflix on December 6 and Rise of Skywalker on December 20.