Queen Camilla carries Lady Dior bag made famous by Princess Diana

Queen Camilla carries Lady Dior bag made famous by Princess Diana

She’s got royal style in the bag.

Queen Camilla has toted many a chic handbag over the years, but this week she shocked royal fans by stepping out with an iconic purse named after King Charles’ late ex-wife, Princess Diana, for the first time.

The 76-year-old royal debuted her taupe Lady Dior bag ($6,000) while enjoying Wednesday’s Wimbledon tennis championships in London, and even carried it again the next day for a visit to Wales on Thursday.

Queen Camilla carried a Lady Dior bag for the first time at Wimbledon on Wednesday. PA Images via Getty Images She brought the purse to Wales on Thursday. UK Press via Getty Images Princess Diana made the bag famous in the 1990s. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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Queen Camilla wore her quilted bag with a tan giraffe-print dress by Anna Valentine to take in the tennis match, switching things up to sport a pink coat dress and oversized straw hat while visiting the Welsh parliament on Thursday.

Per Dior, Princess Diana developed a fondness for their design when Madame Bernadette Chirac, then the First Lady of France, presented her with the fashion house’s unreleased “Chouchou” bag in 1995.

After Diana was seen carrying the bag on several occasions, Dior decided to rename it the “Lady Dior” in honor of the royal, who was nicknamed Lady Di.

Camilla sported a pink coat dress for her visit to Wales. AFP via Getty Images Princess Diana often carried a black version of the Dior bag. Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

The style became synonymous with the late Princess of Wales over the years, making the bag a surprising choice for King Charles III’s new wife.

However, this isn’t the first time she’s sported a Dior piece.

Queen Camilla wore an elegant navy cape dress by the French fashion house to a royal banquet at Versailles in September 2023 and she’s also worn Dior designs to Royal Ascot in both 2023 and 2024.

Camilla toted her new purse for the second day in a row Thursday. via REUTERS She wore a whimsical giraffe-print dress to Wimbledon. REUTERS

Meghan Markle has also got in on the Lady Dior action, carrying the designer’s updated D-Lite version in a no-longer-offered black iteration in 2021. And in 2022, the French fashion house even re-issued the blue satin mini version of the bag that Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother famously wore to the 1996 Met Gala for a limited run.

The queen’s choice to carry a bag that was quite literally named after Princess Diana ruffled a few royal fans’ feathers.

“Camilla with a LADY Dior bag is a big no for me! Princess Diana is the one who made the bag iconic,” one fan commented on Royal Fashion Police’s Instagram post about her Wimbledon outfit.

The queen kept her Lady Dior close at hand. / SplashNews.com

“I thought this too. It’s a no go! Diana forever ????,” another agreed, while a third fan added, “Lady Dior!!! Really? Given name while using by Diana ❤️.”

Over on X (formerly Twitter), another Diana fan put it more bluntly, writing, “Nooot camila Parker Bowls or whatever that witch name is, using a Lady Dior.”

No matter what royal watchers think, we can all agree this stylish bag has stood the test of time.