All Seasons Of ‘Rock Of Love’ And ‘Flavor Of Love’ Are Now On Amazon Prime

All Seasons Of ‘Rock Of Love’ And ‘Flavor Of Love’ Are Now On Amazon Prime

While reality shows in 2020 are still pretty binge-worthy, there’s just something about 00s American reality television that really is unparalleled.

Back in the years when the world wasn’t played out on social media, and to satisfy any voyeuristic fantasies of strangers you had to turn into television to watch them on a show, unlike now where at the click of a button you can find out what Susan from finance ate for lunch.

While you may now know popular romance competition shows like The Bachelor and Love Island, there was once two show formats which are pretty similar, but would under no circumstances ever be allowed to be made by TV production companies today. You may even remember them if you ever found yourself on VH1 from 2001-2009.

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Rock of Love and Flavor of Love saw popular music icons of their time, Bret Michaels (of rockband Poison fame) and Flavor Flav (of noughties rapper fame) on the hunt to find the love of their lives despite their hectic touring schedules.

A series of women would compete for the chance to fall in love with either of the two stars, and similar to the Bachelor’s rose, the ladies would be offered something each week during elimination to ‘secure their place’ to win over the musician’s hearts.

Without giving too much away if you weren’t lucky enough to watch the two shows the first time around, it’s car-crash TV at its finest.

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If you can get yourself past the misogyny and completely DATED attitude of women in dating, then just the brawls and arguments between the contestants makes for some salacious viewing.

Better yet – if you already have Amazon Prime then you can officially stream all series, taking you on a trip down memory lane in the best way possible.

If you’re in the US, both series are also currently on Hulu.

[Featured Image Credit: VH1]