AMC's Walking Dead Still Plans To Adapt Comics' Finale, But What About Rick Grimes?

AMC's Walking Dead Still Plans To Adapt Comics' Finale, But What About Rick Grimes?

38 minutes ago

SPOILER alert for The Walking Dead comic books.

The comics end with a massive time jump after Rick's death. The TV show has no Rick. But Scott M. Gimple just said they do plan on telling the comics' finale story, just without the death of Rick Grimes. And apparently without the existence of Carl Grimes too. Good luck, have fun!

Scott Gimple is now Chief Content Officer of AMC’s Walking Dead universe. Here's what he told Deadline about how he heard about the comics' Rick Grimes finale twist and what it means for the show:

A pilot. Is that a hint that The Walking Dead series finale will be some kind of backdoor pilot for still another spinoff? Maybe following The Western Alliance?

Scott Gimple said he was already thinking of The Walking Dead continuing without Rick Grimes, the way the TV show is currently airing in Season 10, even before he knew exactly how the comics would end. Robert Kirkman always said the comics could survive after Rick Grimes. Fans figured the comics would keep going and follow Carl Grimes.

The Walking Dead Issue #193 ended the series many years after the death of Rick Grimes. Carl is still alive in the comics and he's married to Sophia, who was also killed off earlier on the TV show. So the TV show would definitely have to keep "remixing" the characters, which will be strange without the Grimes guys. But there is every expectation that the TV show will introduce the Commonwealth, which becomes a major location for the comic books. And following the broader finale story -- including a trip to the Western front -- without the Grimes guys may be how they pull this off.

It's possible that Rick will end up at The Commonwealth in his upcoming movie(s), and maybe he'll even die there? If not, how will they end his story and explain why he never returned in the six year gap or even found a way to send word to Michonne or Judith? Does he even know he has a son in RJ?

Scott M. Gimple told THR in November 2018 that Rick's movies will follow what happened to him after Jadis/Anne rescued him and took him off on a helicopter to an as-yet-unseen community. There was a plan for three AMC movies, but recently we learned that at least one movie will be released on the big screen instead of on AMC.

Scott Gimple said Andrew Lincoln would be in all of the movies that show up, and they will explore the period of time between Rick's helicopter ride to the major time jump we saw after his disappearance in The Walking Dead Season 9. At the time of the movies' announcement, Gimple said each movie would tell a different story:

The first movie will be told from Rick's point of view and explore the "vast mythology" behind the "A or B"-type community, per Scott Gimple.

What does all of that have to do with The Walking Dead TV show? Not sure yet. Scott Gimple more recently told THR that newcomers can watch The Walking Dead movie and follow along.

So at least the first Walking Dead movie about Rick Grimes won't be so tied to the TV show that it will feel like a regular episode -- since a regular TV episode would lose fans who haven't kept up.

The Walking Dead Season 10 just started and AMC already renewed the series for Season 11. The network didn't say it would be the final season, so more could be to come.

Will any past characters return for the final season, whenever it arrives? If they don't kill off Rick Grimes, could he return and reunite with Michonne? Will Rick reunite with Michonne and Daryl in the movies? How is the AMC show going to honor the comic book finale with so many changes?

As we wait for answers -- and for another spinoff to arrive, as the second after Fear the Walking Dead -- keep watching The Walking Dead Season 9 Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.