Amie Harwick’s life in photos

Amie Harwick’s life in photos

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Amie Harwick's death shocked the world when it was discovered that she had allegedly been pushed off of a balcony by her ex-boyfriend Gareth Pursehouse. The author, who wrote "The New Sex Bible for Women" had previously been engaged to Drew Carey, and had been living a varied and accomplished life before her death. Take a look at Amie Hardwick's life in photos.


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She traveled the world speaking about the issues close to her. She wrote, "Just finished a week long trip Hangzhou, China in which I have about 12 classes on everything from feminine empowerment to masturbation as self care to how mental health impacts sexuality."


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She often posed questions to her followers, challenging them to live life more deeply. "I'm going to ask you: what makes you feel liberated? Dancing? Setting boundaries with family? Taking a deep breath?"


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She was a guest on Sirius XM's "Sex With Emily." "It was lovely celebrating @sexwithemily yesterday. Not only is she an amazing human, but she works hard to destigmatize and educate about sexual health."

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She discussed anatomy on Canal + in France.

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She guest-lectured about private practice business strategies at Pepperdine.

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She fought against stereotypes. "Being sexual and being intellectual are not mutually exclusive. For too long, culture and media has explicitly and implicitly emphasized that one typically exists without the other. Let us celebrate both our sexual identities AND our intellectual drive. Let's be visible for both of these parts out ourselves to create representation of a whole person."

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She was a fan of William S. Burroughs and visited his grave in St. Louis, Missouri.

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She did the Los Angeles AIDS walk with fellow sex therapist Hernando Chavez.

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She frequented sex museums. Ex fiancé Drew Carey can be seen in the reflection taking the photo. Carey is reportedly grief stricken and has since put filming of his show, "The Price is Right" on hiatus.