Apex Legends Year One Roadmap Teases Big Things To Come

Apex Legends Year One Roadmap Teases Big Things To Come

Apex Legends only launched last week, but the free to play battle royale from EA and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has big plans for its first year. 

This is obviously great news, but definitely unsurprising, given the game hit a staggering 10 million players in just 72 hours. EA obviously has a hit on their hands, and I’d imagine they don’t intend to squander it.

Hidden in with all this excitement, EA and Respawn spelled out exactly what’s to come in the first year of Apex Legends via a deep dive trailer for the game.

There are four seasons of events to come throughout the first year. Starting from March you’ll be able to get your hands on the first Battle Pass. Much like Fortnite, there’ll be exclusive weapons, playable characters, and loot for a few months before the next season arrives.

So, when do these seasons arrive? Sit right there and I’ll tell ya; Season 1 begins in March, with Season 2 following in June. Season 3 rears its head in September, and Season 4 will finish off the year in December.

The Apex Legends FAQ explains:

These rewards are a mix of exclusive seasonal cosmetics and Apex Packs. Every player can unlock some of these items each season through normal play; those who choose to purchase the Battle Pass can earn everything available that season, around 100 different rewards.

It’s crucial to note that only “some” items can be obtained through normal play, while others will remain exclusive to Battle Pass holders. This makes sense, given it’s a free to play game and not, say, a £50 Star Wars FPS.