Artist Sees A Bear Paw Succulent And Decides To Create An Adorable Character

Artist Sees A Bear Paw Succulent And Decides To Create An Adorable Character

Twitter is truly a place where you can find almost anything. From politically-fueled discussions to gorgeous art, the social media site seems to host all sorts of things where anyone could find their specific niche. So it’s no surprise when something truly entertaining crops up and it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t share it with the rest of you.

Artist named Nana recently came across a Twitter post that piqued her interest and fueled her inspiration. “When I’m bored I’m like most people where I just scroll through Twitter,” the artist explained in an interview with Bored Panda. “I really like succulents, so when I saw a post about one that looked like a bears paw, I knew I had to draw it,” she elaborated, “especially considering that I can’t have plants in my current living space”. The artist said that drawing illustrations after seeing the original tweet was a completely natural response.

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One artist was inspired by a tweet showcasing a type of succulent called Bear’s Paw

Image credits: Tornatics

“I’ve been drawing a variety of subjects for pretty much all of my life,” Nana explained her artistic journey. “I started drawing when I was about four,” the artist went on to say that as a child she’d constantly ask her mother to draw “little animal people” until the parent eventually told her daughter that she doesn’t have time and it seemed the perfect opportunity for Nana to pick things up from there. “I really like character art and enjoy drawing animals, humans in a manga style, monsters and other creatures,” the artist described her current artistic passions.

Nana created two adorable illustrations with the bear creature

Image credits: nakanodrawing

Image credits: nakanodrawing

As her cute illustrations started going viral on Twitter, Nana said that the general response from people was positive. “Everyone loved it! I was surprised that it quickly became my most popular post,” the artist revealed. “[It is] more popular than some actual memes I’ve drawn, like the one of the lady yelling at the cat but reversed into a cat yelling at the lady.”

Cotyledon tomentosa is a species native to Africa but has become a popular houseplant in the recent years

Image credits: Juan Ignacio 1976

Succulents have been all the rage for the past couple of years as people adapted them in their living spaces, from modern minimalistic interiors to full-blown green rooms that resemble giant terrariums. Cotyledon tomentosa which is commonly known as Bear’s Paw is one of the types of succulent and hails from Africa. The plant’s characteristic features are chunky and fuzzy green leaves with prominent “teeth” at the tips that give the impression of bear’s paws.

Someone responded with their own version of the bear

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Here’s how other people reacted to the illustrations

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