Augustinus Bader breaks into the toning industry with its latest launch

Augustinus Bader breaks into the toning industry with its latest launch

Exfoliating, hydrating, and purifying.

If I were to tell you that one product managed to achieve all three and then some, I'm pretty sure your interest would be as piqued as mine was when I received the claims. Could it be true?

While many in the beauty sphere might purport to achieve all three, Augustinus Bader is the only skincare brand whose claims of multi-tasking abilities I would wholeheartedly trust.

Professor Bader, a stemcell scientist, initially burst onto the skincare scene with his celeb-approved The Cream, which contains the patented Trigger Factor Complex technology he originally formulated in 2008 as a groundbreaking topical gel that was shown to heal third-degree burns in children without surgery or skin grafts. Then came The Rich Cream, The Body Cream (a seriously delicious whipped moisturiser), and then an exclusive collaboration with Victoria Beckham Beauty on its debut skincare products.

Augustinus Bader on his skincare secrets for an optimum glow

While we may have nothing exciting to show from 2020, the brand - which reported sales of $24million last year - has expanded its umbrella to launch four new products this year alone with the fifth being its first 3-in-1 toner, The Essence.

"The Essence is an essential preparation step in a daily skincare regime that supports the cell renewal and the cell turn over of the corneocytes - the cells that build the upper layer of the skin and show the signs of aging," Professor Bader tells the Standard. "Removing deteriorated superficial skin cells protects the vitality of the skin and induces normal renewal responses."

And it's indeed The Essence which claims to exfoliate, hydrate and purify. User trials found that 100 per cent of users agreed that their skin felt soft, smooth, and hydrated, 98 per cent agreed that skin felt purified and 96 per cent found that their skin texture looked and felt more even.

The 3-in-1 product (which is a toner-exfoliator-hydrator hybrid) has been years in the making for Bader and boasts an ingredient list including salicylic acid (to slough off dead skin cells), phytic acid (to soften and moisturise) and the oh-so-hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Is a facial essence the missing step in your skincare regime?

"The formula contains potent active ingredients to protect for the physiologic renewal of the skin's surface by replacing dead cells, brightening pigmentation, building a shield against outer aggressors and supporting the skin's moisture storage capacity," Professor Bader explains.

In fact, it would seem that facial essences have had something of a moment as of late. Sunday Riley’s first essence, Pink Drink, sold out within hours of its US launch last week and the brand is now working to fulfil a waiting list of orders.

Gwyneth Paltrow-favourite Vintner's Daughter, which initially launched with just its Active Botanical Serum (£175, buy now), opted to launch an essence as its second product. “While Active Botanical Serum provides incredible, multi-active moisture, Active Treatment Essence delivers unprecedented, multi-level hydration, nutrition, and so much more," the brand's founder, April Gargiulo, says. "Together, they will form the bedrock foundation of your most healthy, balanced, and radiant skin in two simple — but powerful — steps.”

For best results, use an essence as the step between cleansing and moisturising: look at them as the pre-cursor to deliciously plump and hydrated skin. Here are some of our favourites essences to treat yourself to now.

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