Big Brother Spoilers: Will Jackson Drive Cliff And Nicole Apart Ahead Of Evictions?

Big Brother Spoilers: Will Jackson Drive Cliff And Nicole Apart Ahead Of Evictions?

37 minutes ago

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother 21. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother's TV viewers got a glimpse of "evil Nicole" in Wednesday's episode, but live feeders have been witnessing her devilish plan continue to unfold for a couple days. Nicole Anthony's thought to keep Tommy Bracco over Holly Allen was under wraps to everyone but Cliff Hogg III, but now word has finally reached Jackson Michie and Holly that it's a possibility. Now the two are in panic mode, realizing their game may be in jeopardy thanks to Nicole's master plan.

At the moment, the two are currently working on two different strategies to keep Holly in the game another week. Holly is begging Nicole to keep her, probably with the mindset that at least she or Jackson will make Top 3 (though they may not be a thing much longer). Meanwhile Michie has pulled Cliff aside and has tried to assure him that if he breaks rank with Nicole, he is going to fare better in the Top 3. Will Jackson drive Cliff and Nicole apart?

Jackson is trying to convince Cliff that voting against Nicole and letting go of Tommy this week will fare better for Cliff's game down the stretch. He's essentially guaranteeing Cliff that if he turns on Nicole now he's guaranteed a Top 3 with Holly and Jackson. If he stays with Nicole and Tommy, chances are Tommy will vote him out over Nicole. Jackson is wheelin' and dealin' and, as he likes to say, "he's playing chess, not checkers."

Well, unfortunately for Jackson, he's gonna lose this game of chess. Cliff could get to a final 3 with Jackson and Holly, and then promptly lose to the showmance who will stick together even if they are on the rocks. Nicole may be going rogue on the Final 4 alliance, but she's taking Cliff (her Week 1 partner) on the ride with her. Jackson isn't offering anything Cliff isn't already on track to get, except in his first scenario he has his Day 1 partner with him.

Plus, let's not forget that Tommy has promised to throw the next HoH for Cliff or Nicole. This is huge because the plan is to eliminate Jackson, but if he wins the veto and takes himself off the block, Cliff and Nicole can just vote out Tommy. It's a gamble on Tommy's part considering Jackson's ability to win competitions, but it's really the only play he can offer that Jackson and Holly can't match.

The couple seem to know that, which may be why they're putting their foot to the gas and saying whatever they can to guilt Cliff into flipping so Jackson can break the tie and save his favorite person in the house to argue with. This has led to some pretty wild claims, including Holly claiming that she never had a Final 2 with Jackson to begin with.

Oh, Holly. Hopefully Cliff and Nicole are well aware that regardless of whether or not those two have a future outside of Big Brother, they're together as long as this game is going. Cliff turning his back on Nicole would be a mistake, especially with the win streak she's been on with competitions. Stick to the plan, Cliff, and don't anger "evil Nicole."

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