Bodyguard season two "absolutely guaranteed" to happen, apparently

Bodyguard season two

Get hype.

Bodyguard proved a major smash when it first aired on the BBC in 2018, one that likely attracted a huge amount of people to it when it later surfaced on Netflix, too.

The six-parter made for incredibly compelling television with shocking twists and an incredible lead performance from former Game of Thrones man Richard Madden at the forefront.

Sure, you might argue that the show stretched credibility a bit in the final episode when - SPOILER ALERT - police allowed David Budd to stroll about central London with a bomb attached to his chest, but hey, you suspend your disbelief with TV and movies, don't you?

Bodyguard may have told a self-contained story that led to the kind of definitive ending you can tie a bow on and walk away from, but it was such a success that, naturally, people have asked for more.

Rumours about a second season have swirled for some time now, with Madden noting back in June that he was "very keen" to move the story forward with creator Jed Mercurio.

Madden isn't the only one, as you might expect. Speaking to the Radio Times, actor Nicholas Gleaves - who played Conservative Party Chief Whip Roger Penhaligon - stated that a second season is "absolutely guaranteed", though he's not sure when we should expect it.

“I spoke to the producer a month ago and he absolutely guaranteed that there would be a second series, and he absolutely guaranteed that he’s no idea when it’s going to be!” said Gleaves.

There's always a twist, isn't there?

“I think that Roger can definitely make a comeback,” Gleaves added. “It would all depend on what Jed Mercurio comes up with story-wise, but I loved that role.

"I thought it was really, really brilliant, and he had a real energy whenever he came on-screen. So I’d like to get back to Roger, that’d be good!"