Brookfield Place welcomes safety-minded New Yorkers longing for live music

Brookfield Place welcomes safety-minded New Yorkers longing for live music

The theory that New York City is dead has been heavily discussed over the past few months, as restaurants, retailers and just about every other brick-and-mortar business struggles to regain it’s footing following the coronavirus-induced lull.

Fortunately, it seems the New Yorkers who haven’t made the trek upstate are more determined than ever to revive the greatest city in the world, filling eateries and museums to their state-mandated 25% capacity in an effort to stay sane following months of isolation, as well as get some money moving through the city once again.

Still, safety comes first. While Gotham has seen a drop in COVID-19 infection rates, we’re still largely considered a hot spot, meaning the average Joe may still feel some hesitation to fully embrace NYC life once again. Foutunaltly, there are several attractions springing up throughout the five boroughs that put public health first, offering both peace of mind and an escape from another Netflix binge.

Brookfield PlaceBrookfield PlaceBrookfield Place

One in particular, Brookfield Place’s “Studio BFPL: Encounters,” offers New Yorkers longing for the days of live music a chance to truly bask in the performing arts once again, as many of us have not been able to for the better part of a year.

The 20-minute experience involves an intimate performance from a different artist every week — including partners like New York Guitar Festival and Live Sounds —  within a socially-distanced environment. The private performances are held for your party of up to six, all of whom are required to wear masks, as are the performers. It will truly give you a taste of the art world we’ve all been missing. Performances run every Friday through November 20th.

There’s also the option to enjoy a meal before or after the show at one of 4 eateries. There, you’ll receive a $20 gift card for future purchases and an individual offer from each establishment.

It’s a great option to jumpstart the weekend with a performance that’ll give you some semblance of pre-pandemic life, which is all so many of us want right now.