Bumble is launching a podcast to help you unsubscribe from negativity

Bumble is launching a podcast to help you unsubscribe from negativity

It’s 2019 and everyone who’s anyone has a podcast. Some are about food, some are about history, and some want to empower you. 

That’s the message Bumble wants to put out with its new podcast, Unsubscribe. Hosted by the app’s international VP of marketing and communications, Louise Troen, and mental health and body activist Jada Sezer, the show is about empowering listeners and helping them unsubscribe from negativity. 

Earlier this year, Troen told the Standard that podcasts are one of the most “democratic ways” to educate people.  

“It’s one of the most incredible things to come out of the evolution of tech, this wealth of conversation that’s accessible to everyone from different culture to different backgrounds, that wasn’t possible before,” said Troen. 

Produced by Sony 4th Floor Creative Group, each episode will feature conversations with different guests about being mindful of the effects of our emotions and practices. With appearances from activist Gina Martin and Vogue’s publishing director Vanessa Kingori, Bumble says the podcast will provide tools and tips to listeners to achieve more meaning in their lives. 

Bumble's new podcast is styled in the company's signature yellow colour (Bumble) The new show is launching today, and you can find it on platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and your favourite podcast app.  It’s an exciting moment for the company, which wants to pivot away from its dating app persona, and into more of a social network that encompasses friendship, dating, and work.  Podcasts are a unique way to reach people: the number of weekly podcast listeners in the UK has nearly doubled in the last few years, from 3.2 million adults in 2013, up to 5.9 million in 2018.  Female-hosted shows are on the rise too, with Note to Self host Manoush Zomorodi saying that listening to female-hosted shows is a “feminist act”. Given Bumble’s mantra as the networking app for women, that wants to smash glass ceilings and empower its users, a podcast like this seems like a perfect fit. 
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If you’re a young female creative, then Bumble has a few other tricks up its sleeve to empower you. In February, the tech company launched The Female Film Force 2019, an initiative to offer grants to aspiring women filmmakers across France, the UK and Germany.  Bumble is giving away five grants of £20,000 (€22,000) to five teams of women, made up of writers, directors or producers, to allow them to make a short film, as a way to address the gender imbalance in the film industry. Note, the film needs to be rooted in Bumble’s values: kindness, respect and equality.  The applications for the first round close next week, March 20, so be sure to get your applications in ASAP.  Speaking about the Female Film Force initiative, Troen said: “We pride ourselves on being a social network but above this - we have a duty and a responsibility to drive our mission of gender equality forward. “Storytelling is one of the more pertinent forms of educating on new ways of thinking, opening our eyes of understanding, and rethinking our own beliefs.” Subscribe to Women Tech Charge, a new podcast from the Evening Standard. From fashion to finance, technology is revolutionising our lives. Meet the extraordinary women who are leading the charge. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. More about: | Podcasts | Bumble