Casual UK: This Online Community Shares Funny Examples Of The United Kingdom Acting Like, Well, The United Kingdom

Casual UK: This Online Community Shares Funny Examples Of The United Kingdom Acting Like, Well, The United Kingdom

The UK is a unique and wonderful land, full of unique and wonderful people. However, to fully experience its beauty, you have to visit it, and that's quite difficult with everything that is happening in the world right now. So we've got the next best thing for you. The subreddit r/CasualUK.

This online community is dedicated to non-political news, commentary, and discussion, and is full of amusing slices of life that could only happen in—you guessed it—the UK. Continue scrolling and check out some of the most upvoted posts on the subreddit!

#1 They Walked Right Into That One

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#2 Worth A Chuckle

Image credits: WordSoupOfTheDay

#3 Too True

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#4 Only In The UK

Image credits: Big_Sem

#5 First Day Back At School Took Its Toll On This Little Girl

Image credits: mayallrob_

#6 The Obese Pancake

Image credits: University_Onion

#7 Can’t Beat It

Image credits: Dudee2010

#8 Its Content Like This That I Tune Into Bbc Breakfast For

Image credits: RosieEmily

#9 Cracking Little Builder

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#10 Nhs Proudly Taking Top Answer Here. Also Please Give Blood This Christmas

Image credits: D-Angle

#11 My Hometown Really Wanted To Put Up A Historical Plaque But Struggled To Find A Noteworthy Event To Celebrate.

Image credits: dr_aureole

#12 A Touching Moment Between A Scottish Piper And A Traditional African Drummer As They Play Together In Edinburgh. It Was A Beautiful Display Of Humanity But Unfortunately It Sounded Like A Cat Being Kicked Down A Flight Of Wooden Stairs

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#13 My Kind Of Money

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#14 One Of The Benefits Of Speaking Welsh Is You Can Walk Faster Than Those Who Can’t

Image credits: welshie123

#15 Just Looked Up From My Breakfast To This

Image credits: Pyrocitus

#16 Spotted This Massive Tweet Of Comedian Josh Weller

Image credits: lebrian

#17 Record Time

Image credits: DarkMatterSpacePigs

#18 I Do Love National Rail Social Media

Image credits: tudgeo

#19 Our Lecturer Is Showing Us A Clip Of Himself On Bbc News Explaining The Topic Instead Of Just Explaining The Topic. I’ve Never Been Flexed On So Hard In My Life

Image credits: RbnAwsm

#20 As An American Living In Britain This Is Both Embarrassing And Hilarious

Image credits: Kingkunta87

#21 A Very British Response, Cheers Jon!

Image credits: Brilliantas

#22 This Advert

Image credits: theelf2k16

#23 So This Is What My Mate Woke Up To This Morning

Image credits: sal101

#24 They Are Turning

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#25 Kent Bad

Image credits: ProfVenios

#26 That Things First Match Will Always Be A Treasured Memory

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#27 That’s A Wrap, Folks!

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#28 Girlfriend Is A Cartographer, And In Her Spare Time Makes Extremely Important Data Maps Like This

Image credits: hidingfromthequeen

#29 My Friend From Work Is Moving To A New Job So I Made Her A Cake

Image credits: happyperson

#30 I'd Love To See This Too

Image credits: FatFreddysCoat

#31 Maybe Someone Should Check In On Sheffield And Make Sure They’re Ok

Image credits: Jorarl

#32 The Lollipop Lady Lost In Translation

Image credits: Paperopiero

#33 Every Time I Visit My Parents House I Find Out They've Got New Cutlery

Image credits: Cerpin-Taxt

#34 I Know I Need To Lose A Bit Of Weight But Delaying My Train Like This Is A Bit Harsh

Image credits: ExtraPockets

#35 Career At Royal Mail, Anyone?

Image credits: RepinskiUK

#36 A Mosque, Next To A Bong Shop, Next To A Sex Shop, Next To A Polish Supermarket (Reading, Berks)

Image credits: jack_edition

#37 Spotted In Birmingham

Image credits: mangetoutrodders

#38 You Don’t Choose To Be The Postman, You Become The Postman

Image credits: davidboi1324

#39 Is This The Most British Photo Ever?

Image credits: trollinthebox

#40 “Where’s The Pride Flag?” “Who Knows, Just Whack Out The Twister Mat”

Image credits: BraySC

#41 Shoutout To Tony Having His Birthday At Legoland Windsor

Image credits: Edamame007

#42 The Man Sitting In Front Of Me On The Train Is Using A Twix As A Pillow

Image credits: star_man_u

#43 I Don't Believe Him

Image credits: broomheezy

#44 Otherwise Known As "Making Dinner"

Image credits: Connelly90

#45 Time Flies

Image credits: Thereader123

#46 A Former Colleague Of Mine Has Been Inviting Tinie Tempah To Random Things Over The Years

Image credits: StuKellyArt

#47 I Have To Admit That I Also Tried This As A 17 Year Old

Image credits: milesblakey

#48 I'm Not Walking In The Mud So You Don't Have To Let Go Of Your Fella's Hand. He's Not Going To Run Into Traffic Sarah. He's 35

Image credits: Frellis_

#49 Hell, How Hot Is Her Brew?!

Image credits: JawSpinnerJim

#50 Wow, So Did I

Image credits: r0nneh7

#51 Council Finally Telling The Truth On How Long The Roadworks Will Take

Image credits: oanarchia

#52 Just A Reminder Of What £1100 In Rent Can Get You In London

Image credits: queen-doppelpopolis

#53 Something We Can All Get Behind

Image credits: HitchikersPie

#54 My Other Half Making The Right Choices

Image credits: JGrace16

#55 Nice One Rbs

Image credits: Teskje

#56 Things Have Got A Little Out Of Hand In Pembrokeshire

Image credits: Rinomhota

#57 The Perfect Sunday

Image credits: HonoraryMancunian

#58 Godspeed To My Local, Fags And Mags, Who Has Had The Name For Over 20 Years. Never Change!

Image credits: Datrinity

#59 An Entire Pavement In My Village Was Stolen Last Night!

Image credits: Smabacon

#60 With This Sort Of Entertainment Why Wouldn’t You Pay £90 A Month

Image credits: kiddsky

#61 Beautiful ❤

Image credits: Mike_R0we_Wave

#62 Just Some Everyday Banter To Brighten Up Your Morning

Image credits: British_Steel97

#63 Disturbing To See Pringles Being Sold In A Packet Instead Of A Tube

Image credits: Hyperion1221

#64 “Gran Never Lets Me Have KFC”

Image credits: ramblingzebra

#65 Corona Virus Pandemic? What Can I Wear To Protect Me Whilst I Shop In Tesco?

Image credits: whoisteebee

#66 You’ve Heard Of Elf On A Shelf, Now It’s Time For

Image credits: RichMoose1

#67 Calm Down Bbc It's Monday Morning

Image credits: cheese_without_toast

#68 Incredible Optimism. I’ve Never Seen A Branch Of Wh Smith With More Than About 5 People In It

Image credits: InfiniteVanilla

#69 Should’ve Gone For Two Tables Of Six With Judas At The Bar. Happy Easter!

Image credits: NocturnalMe14

#70 Hard To Believe That 10% Of Global Shipping Goes Through Here

Image credits: Content_File_1408

#71 Well... That's That Problem Solved Then

Image credits: andrewrmoore

#72 My Spanish Mate Has A Paella Pan. Asked To Borrow It And Put It To Good Use Yesterday

Image credits: chaycalm

#73 Imagine Walking Out To Find Your Car In Scaffolding

Image credits: SquidTheDan

#74 M&s Made My Sandwich Gay

Image credits: Wastrelle

#75 Don’t Look Back. Just Run

Image credits: megatronnin

#76 Good From You, Royal Mail

Image credits: millsytime

#77 A Bloke Tucking Into Full English Breakfast On The Tube

Image credits: VR3X

#78 Million Pound Idea

Image credits: GooseTruffle

#79 For Real, Can We Talk About How The Lidl Bakery Section Is Way Better Than It Has Any Right To Be

Image credits: thedevilwithout

#80 Efficient Poster Design In Bridgnorth Pub

Image credits: Maff17

#81 Is This The Look Of Every Village Hall In The UK?

Image credits: extremesalmon

#82 This Guy Is An Absolute Baller

Image credits: Brownian-Motion

#83 As An American In The UK, I'm Learning All Sorts Of New Words! Today I Discovered That "Queues" Can Also Be Called "Wait Rows!"

Image credits: RamsesThePigeon

#84 Well That Was A Complete Waste Of A Morning. We Came All The Way To Liverpool Because We Heard Today Was The Day And No Bugger Else Had Shown Up

Image credits: 26326312

#85 I Knew Exactly Which House He Meant

Image credits: avant_gardener

#86 To Whoever Told Me To Leave My Car At The Pub And Take The Bus Home; Turns Out I Was In No Fit State To Drive That Either

Image credits: WizardBloke

#87 First Thing I See When I Step Out My Front Door In London

Image credits: bluepuddings

#88 Desperate Times, But Not That Desperate

Image credits: trickedem

#89 Lockdown Tasting Menu, Course Four. Sandwich Aux Doigts De Poisson Avec Vingt Petits Pois, Une Frite Solitaire Et Notre Garniture De Fleurs De Haricots. Bon Appétit!

Image credits: FecklessFridays

#90 So I Was Watching Bbc America And This Happened

Image credits: Guygan

#91 Lanarkshire's New Gritter

Image credits: john-r

#92 When Your Uber Eats Driver Reminds You That Your Area Is Dodgy Politely

Image credits: Kayani_LDN

#93 Ahh Yes I Know This Guy

Image credits: sam_thomas1

#94 It's Never To Early For A Pint!

Image credits: Clomojo87

#95 I’m Now Prepared For Both When I Want To Bake And Then Have A Hot Drink And For When I Want A Hot Drink Before Baking

Image credits: mlopes

#96 New Vin Diesel Franchise Coming Soon From Stansted!

Image credits: Maddiiie

#97 Queen Colour Swatches

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#98 My Travels Peaked Last Month

Image credits: campolar

#99 Even My Radio Thinks It's A 'Gangsta'

Image credits: sned_odp

#100 Gotta Love Uni

Image credits: RbnAwsm

#101 I'm Glad That Someone Was Able To Help With The Answer

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#102 How Dad Are You?

Image credits: BaldYorkshireMan

#103 Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You The Worlds Worst Person

Image credits: Jorarl

#104 My Local Gp Surgery Has Had Enough!

Image credits: Gingertom

#105 Refilling The One Time Purchased Waitrose Washing Up Liquid With The Classic Aldi Purchase On A Weekly Basis To Maintain A Certain Level Of Grandeur

Image credits: AppropriateBass6058

#106 Sometimes The Truth Stings A Little

Image credits: AHipsterWalrus

#107 Sign In The Local Pub Entrance!

Image credits: allthekos

#108 Thank You Kind Vandaliser!

Image credits: k90de

#109 There Are 2 Types Of Texts

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#110 I Hope It's Hummus

Image credits: MetricSuperstar

#111 As British As It Gets

Image credits: skrskesketit

#112 Popmaster Shout Outs In A Nutshell.

Image credits: BlackPhoenix2890

#113 Bbc Science Magazine Sounds Scarily Similar To My 10 Year Old Cousin

Image credits: UOE459