Couple Divorce Just Three Minutes After Tying The Knot

Couple Divorce Just Three Minutes After Tying The Knot

Marriage isn’t for everyone, as one couple found out getting divorced only three minutes after being declared husband and wife.

After tying the knot at a courthouse, the groom mocked the bride as she tripped over while leaving the wedding ceremony.

According to Q8 News, the angry bride returned to the judge, demanding they end marriage immediately.

The couple, from Kuwait, were then served an annulment by the judge ending their marriage, which is believed to be the shortest in the country’s history.

They didn’t even get to leave the courthouse as husband and wife.

I can understand the bride’s anger since, as reported by Q8 News, the groom said ‘thul’ to his wife which, according to Hindi On Internet, is translated to ‘flabby’, ‘dumpy’ and ‘tubby’.


Earlier this year, one bride called off her wedding two days before the big day was due to take place after discovering her fiancé’s Tinder account.

35-year-old Tiana was due to marry her long-term boyfriend Matt, who she had dated for seven years.

Writing for Honey, Tiana explained how her best friend Anne pulled her aside while they were at the church sorting out last minute details.

Anne showed Tiana a man’s profile on Tinder, who turned out to be Matt, the bride-to-be’s fiancé.

Completely devastated, Tiana said:

I must have stood there for ages just speechless, my mouth wide open. I think I said, ‘No way, no way’ over and over again.

I sat down on the grass and spent time looking at his profile. The way he described himself was as though he was a young, single man. I knew I had to call off the wedding. I went inside to get my sister and mum and explained it all to them. I was just so upset, I think I was in shock.

She then stayed at her parents’ house and let her sister break the news to Matt the wedding was off.

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