Kit Harington’s Going Stark Naked In New Play, And The Theater Is Going To Great Lengths To Make Sure Fans Don’t Leak It Online

Kit Harington’s Going Stark Naked In New Play, And The Theater Is Going To Great Lengths To Make Sure Fans Don’t Leak It Online

Kit Harington has taken some interesting creative swings over the course of his career, but his latest endeavor may arguably be one of his boldest. The fan-favorite actor is taking his talents back to the stage for a play, which includes a very steamy scene. More specifically, the production includes a sex sequence that will require Harington to get stark nude. Unsurprisingly, the theater hosting the play wants to ensure that the stars involved have some level of privacy. And that’s why the organization is reportedly going to great lengths to ensure that fans don’t record the scene.

The 37-year-old Game of Thrones alum is starring in Slave Play at the Noël Coward Theatre, which is located in London’s West End. Said production just kicked off its run, and it’s expected to last for three months. Conceived by Jeremy O. Harris, the production focuses on multiple interracial couples who participate in "Antebellum Sexual Performance Therapy." As part of that process, they must conduct role play while on a fictional slave plantation. Joining the ex-Jon Snow actor for this presentation of the play, which originally debuted in 2018, is Olivia Washington, the 33-year-old daughter of Denzel Washington.

An insider recently spoke with The Sun, providing details on how Noël Coward is seeking to prevent the sex scene from leaking. Per this unnamed individual, the theater is putting stickers on play attendees’ phones in order to stop from filming. Not only that, but the news outlet also reports that anyone who does whip out their phone in an attempt to film video could face prosecution. As for the scene itself, the source had the following to say:

The sex scene Kit’s in is quite shocking. There are lots of mirrors on stage so the audience can see his tackle from all angles. The scene lasts more than ten minutes and bosses seem very concerned about it being recorded and leaked online — hence the stickers. … Management really want to protect his modesty so they’ve threatened legal action if anyone is caught filming.

Although this may sound like a lot, it definitely makes sense as to why the theater company would enact such measures. A major reason is that Kit Harington is very famous and still widely known for his role on Game of Thrones (which is streamable with a Max subscription). As Jon Snow, the British actor became a pop culture icon, to say the least. So it’s very plausible that more than a few people might want to capture some footage of his bare body and send it to the interwebs. And, if you don’t believe that, then you should know that there’s precedent for this kind of situation.

Jesse Williams got naked for a play, Take Me Out following the conclusion of his full-time stint on Grey’s Anatomy. The Broadway revival of this early 2000s production had strict rules for audience members, though some did record with their phones. As a result, footage of Williams in the buff went viral. Although the clips hitting the web was unfortunate, Williams himself was game for the nude scenes themselves, arguing that audiences need to be “confronted” with the reality of the human body.

For his part, Kit Harington, is reportedly taking everything in stride like the Grey’s actor. The source provided further alleged details on the Eternals actor’s approach to the work:

Kit is a true pro, though, and doesn’t break character when he sheds his clothes. He seems to be very comfortable in his own skin.

While these details can’t be officially verified, it’s honestly not surprising to hear that Kit Harington would be a pro about all of this. The GoT alum has, after all, proven himself to be an artist who’s dedicated to his craft. Let’s just hope that the theater can protect his privacy so that Harington doesn’t have to suffer for his art in any way.