Data From Twitter Shows That the Lakers Are the Most Hated NBA Team

Data From Twitter Shows That the Lakers Are the Most Hated NBA Team

Twitter has a new most hated NBA team and it's the Los Angeles Lakers. conducted this study by gathering over 100,000 tweets from Twitter users in the United States who included words like "hate" when mentioning a specific NBA team.

It was determined that the Lakers are the most hated in 34 different states. Despite the departure of Kevin Durant this past offseason, the Golden State Warriors slipped only one spot from last year to the second most hated team. The Los Angeles Clippers come in at third, followed by the Houston Rockets.

The acquisition of Anthony Davis by the Lakers in a blockbuster trade with the New Orleans Pelicans this summer gave LeBron James a massive edge, and catapulted the team into serious contention for a title this season. In the process, it apparently made the Lakers more despicable in the eyes of NBA fans in America.

Even though there are no longer any super teams in the league today, the Lakers' embarrassment of riches with two of the NBA's top five players, along with a solid supporting cast that includes a rejuvenated Dwight Howard, clutch shooting Danny Green, and Kyle Kuzma, hasn't been well-received.

Last year, the Warriors were the most hated team in just 26 different states, which means that even with a starting five of future Hall of Farmers in the Hampton Five, the Lakers have more haters across this nation. That's saying something.