Demi Moore Breaks Her Silence and Bares Her Heart with the Release of Her Controversial Memoir

Demi Moore Breaks Her Silence and Bares Her Heart with the Release of Her Controversial Memoir

Demi Moore finally lets her guard down for all to hear. The actress shares personal details of her life with the public in a new autobiography entitled Inside Out released in September 2019. The actress started her career in the 1980s and rose to fame with movies like St. Elmos Fire, Ghost, A Few Good Men and Strip Tease. Her self penned book shares a detailed look into her very public life covering her Hollywood career and troubled love life.

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Through her book, Demi shares vivid details of her difficult upbringing and struggles with substance abuse. Demi is now at the strongest point in her life after all she has endured and wants to share who she is and what she has experienced with no barriers. The actress admits she was anxious about the book’s release due to the great detail given about her former partners and her personal life.

A Tough Beginning

The memoir begins with Demi’s rocky upbringing, growing up with alcoholic parents and detailing horrific events that changed her life forever. Moore is a true survivor, and then some. While as a teen discovering the man she called dad wasn’t actually her biological father she suffered from issues of feeling unwanted early on. The New Mexico native admits she married her first husband at 17 to distract herself from her father’s suicide. She also divulges she cheated on her first husband the night before they wed.

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Moore got her big break at 19 on General Hospital. After this, she began abusing substances to cope with her fears. At this time she knew it was a problem, “I don’t have an off switch,” recalled Moore. “I don’t have the thing that says, ‘This is enough.” Her break out role came after starring in 1985’s St. Elmos Fire, and after identifying with her party girl role, the film’s director helped insisted she go to rehab, this helped Demi stay sober for almost 20 years.

A New Family

After starring in a handful of movies, Moore met her second husband Bruce Willis at a movie premiere. Her whirlwind infatuation turned into a family and at that point, they didn’t really know if they were the right fit for one another. After three daughters and 13 years together they divorced.

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Moore and Kutcher met in 2003, publicly debuting their relationship at the premiere of Moore’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. The couple was scrutinized in the media about their 15-year age difference. In this book, she reveals all about their eight-year marriage. Ashton purposed after Demi found out she was pregnant but lost the baby after 6 months. After several failed IVF treatments, Ashton admitted he had lost interest. Demi shares that these situations caused her to relapse after a long sobriety

Trying Again

She admits she put Ashton first and did whatever she could to try to be the perfect wife for him. Moore writes she “went into contortions to try to fit the mold of the woman he wanted his wife to be.” After two cheating scandals, she gave Ashton the boot, eventually divorcing in 2013.

It was devastating for Demi to see Ashton marry Mila Kunis just two years after their divorce. Demi, at this point, felt that her life had spiraled out of control, she had no career and no relationship. Also, Moore’s daughters had distanced themselves; they did not speak to their mother as a result of her substance abuse after she experienced an overdose in 2012.

Road to Recovery

Moore attended a rehab program for trauma, codependency and substance abuse. She also worked with a doctor specializing in integrative medicine for her health issues and began the reconciliation process with her daughters. After completing rehab she is continuing to recover from her difficult life experiences and today, she is stronger than ever and is confident baring it all in her new memoir.

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Moore admits “Early in my career, I was spiraling down a path of real self-destruction and no matter what success I had I just never felt good enough” Today, she has made the decision to be content with who she is and that comes from being herself- her book is the best way to express who she really is for the world to see.