Doctor Writes A Hilarious Summary Of His Day By Including All Of The Wildest Conspiracy Theories Surrounding His Job

Doctor Writes A Hilarious Summary Of His Day By Including All Of The Wildest Conspiracy Theories Surrounding His Job

As soon as COVID-19 started spreading and posing a real threat to humanity, much of the world reacted in more or less constructive ways and managed to bring order where there would have otherwise been chaos. That is, in places where this was actually done. Needless to say, the pandemic has brought in some amount of chaos that is to some extent no longer controllable at this point.

I am, of course, referring to the conspiracy theories, fake news, and their perpetuation by certain high-level authorities. However, pushing away the tide of ignorance are the people of the internet, with medical doctor David Young posting a satirical post on a day in the life of a medical hospital doctor on Facebook. And more people than just his circle of friends read the post…

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With all of the conspiracy theories floating about, it is normal for doctors to facepalm and rant about it

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On May 10, Young posted on Facebook detailing the things that he as a medical professional does and has to face at his job in the hospital, without sparing any of the juicy satirical conspiratorial details and nuances, and all neatly timestamped for good comedy measure.

Now, if you need a concise rundown of all of the conspiracy theories, fake news, and all-around ridiculousness, Young’s post covers the basics to keep you in the loop. 5G, Bill Gates, Wuhan’s Virological Laboratory, corruption in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the “power” of essential oils, anti-vax patients, the post has it all and is provided in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

You can find and read the full post below. Now, let’s hope people actually understand the sarcasm and satire behind the post and don’t take it for truth and hold Mr. Young a hero among their respective communities…

David Young’s post soon went viral, getting over 77,000 reactions with almost the same amount of shares and 21,000 comments. People found it a fun and hilarious read, with medical experts seconding the satire and many others also pointing out all of the other ludicrous theories that Young left out, namely injecting disinfectant and lunar crystals.

This doctor took a bit of a different approach with a hilariously satirical view of a day in the life of a doctor

One timestamp at a time, he details all of the “truths” that are anything but helpful during the pandemic

These include 5G’s influence, Bill Gates, corruption in the industry and the “power” of essential oils

Image credits: David Young

Here’s how the internet reacted to this satyrical bit of literature