Don Jr.’s tweet about the Mueller report proves he didn’t definitely didn't read it.

Don Jr.’s tweet about the Mueller report proves he didn’t definitely didn't read it.

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Donald Trump Jr. has really upped the ante on how ignorant he presents himself to the general public. On Thursday, special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators revealed they don't plan to prosecute the president's eldest son for collusion because he is "too ignorant to violate election laws."

The conclusion expressed in in the Mueller report did not name 41-year-old Don Jr. as innocent, but rather, too dim to knowingly break campaign laws:

"The Office determined that the government would not be likely to obtain and sustain a conviction for two other reasons: first, the Office did not obtain admissible evidence likely to meet the government's burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these individuals acted 'willfully,' i.e., with general knowledge of the illegality of their conduct; and, second, the government would likely encounter difficulty in proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the value of the promised information exceeded the threshold for a criminal violation."

While most full-grown adults wouldn't feel so excited about being officially called too ignorant to commit a crime, Don Jr. took it as a win and immediately posted an all caps rebuttal on his Twitter.


— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) April 18, 2019

As if to corroborate the Mueller Report's estimation of his intelligence, Don Jr.'s response was exactly what a child would yell after being accused of something by their parents. This did not go unnoticed by the general public.

You truly don’t know that Mueller called you the dumbest apple under your dad’s tree, do you?

— The Hoarse Whisperer (@HoarseWisperer) April 18, 2019

This is just embarrassing. I'm actually cringing for you.

— Michelle (@RageMichelle) April 18, 2019

Dude -- you skated because Mueller realized you're the dumb one. Not Eric.

— Cheri Jacobus (@CheriJacobus) April 18, 2019

People were quick to point out the irony of him celebrating over being called stupid, while others assumed he didn't fully read the report's estimation of him.

You might wanna keep the braggadicia down there, Jr. I realize you live with many challenges and don't have the capability to understand big concepts but Mueller concluded you were too dumb to know what you were doing. He didn't say you didn't do it. Get well soon.

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) April 18, 2019

Yea, too dumb to indict. Like a mercy fuck. Congrats brick.

— John Weaver (@jwgop) April 18, 2019

At least a fifth of the report is you treasoning.

— Greg Olear (@gregolear) April 18, 2019

Others pointed out how the report in no way makes Don Jr. look innocent, in fact, this will likely not be the last word on his innocence.

Dude. You don't know what's coming do you? You are just too damn dumb to see it. This is not the end of's the beginning. And Mueller's conclusions don't exonerate you, they confirm everyone's worst suspicions about you. You won't like how this story ends.

— David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) April 18, 2019

You'll have more opportunities.

— Trump's Guilty (@TaylorGundy) April 18, 2019

If anything, Don Jr.'s response to the Mueller Report only supports the conclusion that he is too dim to fully understand campaign laws, but that is still a far cry from lawful innocence.

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