‘Dynasty’ Reveals The Surprising New Actress For Its Alexis Carrington Role

‘Dynasty’ Reveals The Surprising New Actress For Its Alexis Carrington Role

The Friday episode of The CW’s Dynasty drama had a big reveal, finally unwrapping who will be the replacement for Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis Carrington on the show. Sheridan departed in March to attend to personal family matters.


As fans will recall, the manipulative Alexis (then played by Sheridan) had a face-off with her long-lost son, Adam, who revealed that he knew Hank was stamped as her son. Adam walked in on his mother burning the evidence of fake DNA test results that would have proven the Hank contention.

Caught red-handed, Alexis confessed her past misdeeds, even going so far as to label them “despicable” even while saying she was desperate to get her family back.

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Adam seemed to accept that apology and told her to burn the rest of the evidence. That’s when he grabbed her by the hair and pushed her into the fireplace. The incident didn’t kill her, but paved the way for a “new” Alexis now that plastic surgery would be required to heal the burns.

The bandages from Alexis’s surgery were removed in the final moments of the Friday night episode, revealing Elizabeth Gillies, who also plays Falliam on the show.

The move resembles another Dynasty switch. Nathalie Kelley, who originally played Cristal Flores Carrington, left after season one and was replaced with Ana Brenda Contreras as the “Real Cristal”.

Gillies took the temperature of her fandom this morning on last night’s reveal, with most enthusiastic about the move.