Ellen DeGeneres Protégée Greyson Chance Slams Her As ‘Domineering’ And Controlling

Ellen DeGeneres Protégée Greyson Chance Slams Her As ‘Domineering’ And Controlling

Greyson Chance, Ellen DeGeneres’ former protégée is slamming the talk show host in a bombshell interview we doubt the comedian saw coming.

Another Person Is Calling Ellen DeGeneres Mean

Ellen DeGeneres Protégée Greyson Chance Slams Her As 'Domineering, Way Too Controlling'Instagram/Greyson Chance

The actress first came across Chance when a video of him singing Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” went viral. She invited Chance on the show and things took off from there. But now the singer is claiming that he had to get away from DeGeneres because he had “never met someone more manipulative, more self-centered and more blatantly opportunistic than her.”

Chance sat for an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where the now 25-year-old shared that he got too wrapped up in the excitement that he didn’t fully see what was taking place at first. “We just couldn’t believe what was happening,” he shared with Rolling Stone. 

“We were so unsure of what we were getting into, and the person that helped cure all of that skepticism and chaotic energy was Ellen.” Chance was bullied a bit after the video was released, so DeGeneres swooped in like a second mom. 

Ellen DeGeneres Promised To Protect Greyson Chance

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When DeGeneres first met chance, one of the first things she said to him was “I’m going to protect you. I’m going to be here for you. We’re going to do this together,” claimed Chance but he quickly learned that she would only protect him if he did things her way. 

They went on to co-create a record label together, eleveneleven where Chance was meant to be the next big singing sensation. She even hooked him up with managers, a booking agent, a publicist, and a brand agent.

He eventually released a mini EP and went on tour. For DeGeneres, to wasn’t enough, she became “became domineering and way too controlling,” mapping out the young man’s life, allegedly. 

“My whole week, my whole month, my whole year could change [with] one text message from her. That was horrible.”

Ellen DeGeneres Allegedly Blew Up On Greyson Chance’s Mom

Ellen DeGeneres Protégée Greyson Chance Slams Her As 'Domineering, Way Too Controlling'YouTube

Chance claims that DeGeneres was always pushing for him to be better, more like another extremely popular pop star. She got her hands on an advanced copy of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never doc and asked him to watch it. 

Greyson claimed that when he didn’t watch the doc and DeGeneres found out, she called his home and gave his mom a lashing while he listened in the background. 

“What type of mother are you?” He allegedly heard. “Disappointed isn’t even remotely what I’m feeling right now.” She berated him and his mother that day according to Chance. 

He also recalled her “degrading” other people that worked with him. “She would come in and look at a rack, yell at stylists, berate people in front of me and say, ‘This is what you’re wearing on the show?”

It was allegedly rarely positive when DeGeneres came around. 

Ellen DeGeneres Turned Her Back On Greyson Chance

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Chance claims that by 2012, he was still putting up with DeGeneres only for her to turn around and drop him when his album and ticket sales fell rapidly. He remembers her being “completely removed” and “completely abandoned” by DeGeneres by the time everything was finished. 

He has gone on to call DeGeneres “fake” after still making himself available to appear on her show at her request and knowing it would be great exposure for his career. 

“Whenever I would come on the show, it was such a fake smile. She wouldn’t even ask, ‘How are you doing? How are you holding up?’ It was just like, ‘Here’s what we’re going to talk about. We’ll see you on there,’”

All isn’t horrible for Chance, he still keeps in touch with Lady Gaga and specifically says, “she has been there for me in the ways that Ellen never was.”