Enjoy This Viral Video of a Sloth Enjoying a Scalp Massage

Enjoy This Viral Video of a Sloth Enjoying a Scalp Massage

The wildfires in the West Coast region of the United States have caused a great deal of damage. Patty Hyslop is now one of the many people who have suffered major personal losses because of these terrible disasters.

She had a sanctuary that sheltered abused horses, and she cares deeply about these animals. Patty Hyslop is a multiple sclerosis patient, and she once experienced extreme paralysis. She had a horse at the time, and this helped her get through this difficult part of her life. 

Patty Hyslop soon created the Hyslop Horse Haven, which was located in Jamul, California. The sanctuary was known for being very secure and well-maintained. Horses that had been neglected and abused could stay there and get rehabilitated. 

Unfortunately, the Valley Fire that has destroyed many places all throughout northern California has also now burned the beautiful Hyslop Horse Haven to the ground. 

Patty Hyslop and different members of her family at least got the chance to evacuate. They watched in horror as enormous and relentless flames kept getting closer to the farm that they loved and worked so hard to maintain. These were 100-foot flames, which are immediately horrifying and change everything. 

Many people all throughout California today have had similar experiences. Terrifying images of orange skies are being shared everywhere now. Those same scenes are much scarier in person. Some of the individuals in these areas haven’t been able to escape.

The rest of Patty Hyslop’s family members left before she did, even though she bravely stayed there for as long as she possibly could. She couldn’t bear the thought of letting the animals in her care get hurt. 

Unfortunately, she had absolutely no choice, and she had to leave with everyone else. No one knew exactly what was going to happen, but the fires were not giving them any other options. 

Eventually, it was at least safe for Patty Hyslop and her other family members to go back to the area. Sadly, it was already too late for the horse sanctuary itself. Eight sheds were completely destroyed.

These sheds contained important supplies, including horse tack, medication, and food. The trailer homes and cars that the volunteers used were also destroyed. This family lost thousands of dollars in the process. 

However, as terrible as this was, it’s still possible to rebuild a sanctuary and replace all of these items. The horses themselves are not replaceable, and Patty Hyslop was much more worried about them. The Valley Fire could easily have killed or severely injured the horses at the Hyslop Horse Haven.

Fortunately, all of the horses did make it. They’re all terrified now, but they still survived this awful disaster.

Animals have powerful survival instincts, especially when it comes to fire. In the wild, horses have had to cope with forest fires and similar natural disasters. The horses at the Hyslop Horse Haven have already had very difficult lives. 

Patty Hyslop, her family members, and many of her volunteers are now using crowdfunding websites to raise the money that they need to restore the horse rescue. They’re looking for money for golf carts, horse tack, and medication. The new golf carts will help the volunteers get to the sanctuary and get around the rebuilt sanctuary, since their cars are now gone. 

Golf carts use less fuel than other vehicles. Some people use golf carts instead of cars in areas where it’s difficult to get access to enough gasoline. Patty Hyslop and her volunteers already have a plan for restoring their horse sanctuary. Ultimately, the important thing is that the horses themselves are still here.