Ex-President Bill Clinton Revealed He Sent Officials To Area 51 To Check For Alien Life Forms

Ex-President Bill Clinton Revealed He Sent Officials To Area 51 To Check For Alien Life Forms

America’s 42nd President, Bill Clinton, recently admitted to sending some officials to Area 51 to confirm if there were alien life forms. He served as the president of the US from 1993 to 2001, and his wife, Hillary Clinton, contested for the same position in 2016.

Clinton graced a recent interview with James Corden and talked about his time as president, detailing the time he carried out a search for aliens in Area 51.

The search yielded little result because the area was mostly used to carry out research and tests for stealth aircraft used by the US. However, NASA recently put together a team to carry out research and identify available data on UFOs.

Bill Clinton Sent Federal Agents To Area 51 To Search For Aliens

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Clinton just admitted that during his time as President, he sent federal agents to Area 51, located in Nevada, to check if any aliens were hiding out there. The former US President appeared in an episode of “The Late Late Show” and spilled all the details to Corden.

In the Wednesday interview, he revealed that while he was the president and John Podesta the Chief of Staff, they made “every attempt to find out everything about Rosewell.” To achieve their goal they even sent a team to Area 51 to “make sure there were no aliens.”

He said, “When I was president, and I had a Chief of Staff John Podesta— he loved science fiction— he made every attempt to find out everything about Roswell. And we also sent people to Area 51 we wanted to make sure there were no aliens.”

Bill Clinton Says There Weren’t Any Alien Sitings In Area 51

United States President Bill Clinton makes remarks as he names Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, Stephen G. Breyer, as Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court to replace the retiring Justice Harry Blackmun in a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC on May 13, 1994.MEGA

Despite Podesta’s love for all things sci-fi, Clinton revealed that the alien hunt yielded little result. The classified base was only used to carry out research and tests on stealth aircraft, hence the secrecy.

The ex-president said, “I got to find out how we’re going to deal with this because that’s where we do a lot of our invisibility research in terms of technology, like how we fly airplanes that aren’t picked up by radar and all that. So that’s why they’re so secretive.”

The ex-president concluded his comment by saying, “But there’s no aliens that I know [of].” He also mentioned that he was previously told by some of the world’s leading astronomers that there was around a 95% possibility that there were beings other than humans in the universe.

Scientists Believe 95% Chance of Alien Life In Outer Space

The former President recalled a time he went to Hawaii with his wife, Hillary, and met with some well-known scientists. “Hilary and I went to Hawaii in 2018 to the big island where all the telescopes are on top of the mountain, including the Keck telescope, the largest in the world, and several countries have scientific teams there,” Clinton recalled. “So after we toured the telescope, we went down and met with them.”

The 42nd President asked the scientists if they believed in the likelihood of life in outer space. According to the scientists, while some believed that there was an 85% chance of outside life, others believed that there was a 95% chance. Clinton continued. “He said, ‘we think, in other words, it’s very unlikely that there is no life. There are a billion, not a billion plants but a billion solar systems.'”

‘There’s a lot of mysteries out there, which is why I think we should take good care of this planet. I think we ought to hang onto it if we can,” he said. “But I also think it should keep us humble. There’s a lot of things we don’t know.”

NASA Commissioned A Team To Study UFOs

Despite Clinton’s claim that nothing was found during the Area 51 inspection, NASA recently commissioned a team of scientists to study “unidentified aerial phenomena,” popularly known as UfOs. They talked about the mission in detail in a press release on their website.

An associate science administrator at NASA Washington headquarters, Thomas Zurbuchen said, “NASA believes that the tools of scientific discovery are powerful and apply here also.” The team will reportedly “focus on identifying available data” and how the space administration would use the data to “move the scientific understanding of UAPs forward.”

The mission was inspired due to the sparse amount of recorded UAP observations. This hindered the ability of scientists to make any proper conclusions concerning events like that.

The press release read, “Unidentified phenomena in the atmosphere are of interest for both national security and air safety. Establishing which events are natural provides a key first step to identifying or mitigating such phenomena, which aligns with one of NASA’s goals to ensure the safety of aircraft.”