Fans Think Rosie Dropped Clue About Why Niall Left The Show

Fans Think Rosie Dropped Clue About Why Niall Left The Show

Yesterday (June 12) it was announced Love Island contestant Niall Aslam had abruptly left the show.

His reasons for leaving have remained a mystery, with fans of the show desperate for an answer for his quick exit.

While nothing has been officially confirmed – other than a short statement sighting ‘personal reasons’ – observant Love Island viewers believe they’ve spotted a clue as to why he left. This is thanks to a passing comment made by fellow contestant Rosie.

During last night’s episode in which lawyer Rosie labelled Adam ‘dishonest’, after finding out he had called her ‘clingy’ behind her back, she made a reference to Niall.

In her furious rant to Adam she said:

You say about Niall not being honest the other night, but you literally did what he did… and didn’t have the balls to tell me before that you were going to do it.

According to The Sun, it was a blink and you’ll miss it moment – if you happened to be deeply invested in the trivial drama between a group of contestants who act like 15 year olds dealing with the pitfalls of puberty. But it didn’t go past the observant viewers.

Those on Twitter who were quick to link Niall’s exit with Rosie’s passing comment.

One person who noticed her comment wrote:

Did anyone else notice Rosie reference Niall’s dishonesty in her confrontation with Adam, I reckon he’s broke the rules in some way and that’s why it’s so hush hush #LoveIsland.

Someone else Tweeted:

Am I the only one who heard Rosie say ‘you went on about Niall not being honest but you did what he did’. Is the personal reason a girlfriend….? #LoveIsland