Fornite Chapter 2 apparently leaks via Apple’s app store

Fornite Chapter 2 apparently leaks via Apple’s app store

Epic Games is evidently lining up a change for its biggest game, as images of Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked on Apple’s App Store in the Italian language.

The image above suggests some big changes, as a team of three players looks out across a river with boats floating in it. There’s a big building to the right, and it all suggests that there is a new map coming soon.

The new map appears consistent with the notion of a new chapter. Fortnite Season 10 ends on October 13, so Epic Games is overdue to say something about what comes next.

A spokesman for Epic said the company does not comment on leaks or speculation. The leaked image was taken down, but users captured the screens and put them out on social media. Apple did not return a request for comment.

It makes sense that Epic Games is preparing something big for Fortnite, as the company has a huge team working on it and it always makes moves to stay competitive in battle royale. This week, Respawn’s rival game, Apex Legends, also launched a new map this week. That has helped Apex Legends gain back some players, and it seems natural that Epic would respond with something that they must have had lined up well in advance.