Four major employers join forces to create Ireland’s first remote working alliance

Four major employers join forces to create Ireland’s first remote working alliance

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Four major employers have joined forces to create Ireland's first remote working alliance.


The Remote Alliance was formed by Vodafone, ESB, eBay and Liberty Insurance, with the four founding members all committing to embedding remote working within their organisations on a long-term basis.

The group, established by social enterprise Grow Remote, have said they are hoping the initiative will lead the way for other Irish employers to commit to long-term remote working and "build an Ireland where employment is accessible no matter where people live".

Speaking at the launch of the Alliance on Monday, Renate Kohlmann, Director of Grow Remote, said she is hopeful the move “will help encourage more employers around Ireland to join in the long-term remote working journey."

"Remote working has the power to transform and reinvigorate local communities," Kohlmann added.

Kohlmann said that the impact of Covid-19 will allow more individuals, employers, and communities to embed "long-lasting, positive systemic changes" throughout the country.

The Remote Alliance will establish a forum of some of Ireland’s leading employers who want to make the transition to remote and hybrid working with members meeting on a monthly basis.

The forum will be an opportunity for members to "address the challenges and opportunities" they have faced in implementing long-term remote working, as well as sharing their solutions.


Grow Remote will also provide practical advice for members on how to move from reactionary remote working as a result of Covid-19 to embedding “remote-first” working policies into their organisations.

Kohlmann added that many employers have invested a great deal of time and effort into planning their post-pandemic workplaces, but are still uncertain about how it will work practically.

"Thanks to the leadership of our four founding members, companies of all sizes will be able to learn how to overcome barriers to remote working," she continued.

“Our model will give our employees the flexibility they want, while maintaining the opportunity for social interactions and the collaboration and innovation that comes from being together in the office," Anne O’Leary, CEO of Vodafone Ireland said on Monday.

Paddy Hayes, Chief Executive of ESB, said the company is "committed to nurturing a trust-based and agile environment".


“As we emerge from the Covid 19 pandemic, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to empower our people to work smarter, enjoy the benefits of an inclusive, flexible working culture and significantly reduce carbon emissions through remote and hybrid working," he added.