Gris review: Finding peace, not war in the new Spanish game

Gris review: Finding peace, not war in the new Spanish game

Gris is radical.

Designed by Spanish developers Nomada Studio and compatible with Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows, it follows a young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life.

The game is not about survival, triumph or killing enemies, but about understanding the pain that Gris, the female protagonist, feels, and helping her rediscover the brightness of the world. 

Spanish speakers will know that “gris” means “grey” — the theme of this game, at least initially. Gris’s magic dress grants her the skills to cope better with her misery. You are tasked with puzzles and skill-based challenges in order to unlock more of her world.

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From an artistic perspective, it’s stunning. Every level is designed with a detailed watercolour landscape, almost as if it’s hand-painted. As the story develops and Gris becomes stronger, more colour is introduced to her world.

There are no frustrating levels that make you want to smash the screen. The transition between each level is smooth, though your ascent will become increasingly more complex as the

game progresses. But the three-hour running time means you won’t shy away from completing the challenges in front of you. In fact, you’ll almost feel obligated to — for Gris’s sake.

 And for everyone, it contains a message of hope.

Gris is available now on Nintendo Switch, MacOS and Microsoft Windows.

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