Guy Goes To Thrift Stores And Buys Clothes For Just $20 To Make The Weirdest Outfits He Can (21 Pics)

Guy Goes To Thrift Stores And Buys Clothes For Just $20 To Make The Weirdest Outfits He Can (21 Pics)

We all remember Macklemore’s addictive single ‘Thrift Shop,’ right? Great. Well, comedian, musician, and politician Hayden Pedigo seems to have taken the singer’s advice to heart.

He heads on over to thrift stores with just $20 in his pocket, picks out some peculiar clothes, and tries to make the weirdest outfits that he can.

We’ve collected some of Hayden’s best (and by best we mean weirdest) outfits for you to admire. So upvote your favorite ones and let everyone know in the comments which ones you liked the most and why.

"I was first inspired to make the outfits after seeing some of the bizarre outfits the rapper Young Thug was wearing and thinking 'hey, I bet I could make outfits like that just from the thrift store.' My wife and I would go to the thrift store and just find the weirdest things possible then try to take a picture of it the same day," Hayden explained to Bored Panda in an interview. Scroll down for the rest.

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Old lady night gown, rubber boots, lampshade, red sunglasses

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I produce your favorite producers. I also invented the Grime genre and the concept of dancing.

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PRAISE GOD. I just purchased Bail Bonds by Judy. Please come to me for all of your bail bond needs and yes, I will keep the name out of respect for Judy.

Cowboy vest, turquoise belt, women's slacks, vintage pink western shirt, bizarre fur boots that look homemade.

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"My favorite outfit so far was probably the night gown and the lampshade mainly because of how ridiculous it looks," Hayden revealed to Bored Panda.

"A friend of mine and I were at the house when I first put it all on and we couldn’t stop laughing. It really looked great."

Hayden said that he loves thrift stores because there's always something great that you can find in them. "I’ve found old records, nice western shirts, and good books there. It’s a wonderful place to go. I think everyone else should try to do it and have fun! It’s a really good experience."


I don’t believe in open carrying weapons BUT I will have my sword on me at all times while relaxing at home. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

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On Sundays I hang in the garage, I call it “the man cave” and spend my “man time” in here because I’m a guy. Just thinking about cars, posing for photos in front of the security camera, and pretending that my guy friends are here hanging with me. Am I the only guy who does this??? Comment below, I am worried about this but I also love my life. Thanks

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This is the first thing you see when you arrive in Amarillo.

Red women's skirt, red karate gi, beat up cowboy hat, old person sunglasses, plastic hand.

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Some of Hayden’s outfits honestly look like something that could be worn on runways or be pasted on the covers of fashion magazines in the (very) far future. Others can only be described as ‘weird,’ but ‘hilariously bad’ could also work. As is Hayden’s intention, of course.

The Imgur community adored his budget outfits. Hayden’s post got 9k upvotes and 160k views in 14 hours. Meanwhile, he also has over 2.8k followers on Instagram and counting. 

But Hayden’s much more than a cheap thrift shop and flea market fashion connoisseur. He’s also a political aspirant. In fact, in the Spring of 2019, he tried to win a city council seat in his hometown of Amarillo (pop. 200k) in the Great State of Texas. Though he didn’t win (the entire council staved off the competition), he made a splash in the media with his ad campaign.


As of today I’m becoming a SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER

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Who am I?
A. vintage furniture seller
B. ketamine dealer
C. modular synth owner AND ketamine user

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There’s only five things in this world I love: my Prius, my gun, and season 7 of Little House on the Prairie.

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Even ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine did a piece on him, comparing his ads to what filmmaker David Lynch would come up with. “We’ve had some interesting reactions. Especially from older people, who are just absolutely confused,” Hayden told ‘Rolling Stone.’

Hayden decided to gun for the city council seat after watching ‘Spring Breakers’ with his wife and remembering Harmony Korine’s older “raw and gritty” movies. So he bought a suit and started his political ‘campaign’ which doubled as an art project. His first video was way more successful than he expected it to be.


Today was the first day of filming for Ice Road Truckers season 3! It’s going to be pretty cool!

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Casual night my friends

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I played with a SUNN O))) tribute band last night. It was pretty cool

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“I was expecting maybe to get 100 likes just from my friends. But then throughout the day, the shares were going up and it was at 4,000 views, then 10,000 views, then 70,000,” he said. That’s when the news picked up his story. So he made another video and the rest is history.

“I wanted to do it but I was nervous. I talked to my wife and friends a lot. I eventually decided to do it and do it seriously.” And now, Hayden’s coming up with weird thrift store outfits.



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I was born in 1952, I am a severely alcoholic janitor who works at the high school up the street. I’m currently driving a 1974 Ford Crown Victoria and paying off my one bedroom house over on Bel Air street. Life isn’t awful. Please don’t report me to the police nothing suspicious is going on in my house I swear. Merry Christmas.

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So I found this cool “jam band” shirt at Walmart for like $4 which was cool because it goes with my camo hat but they didn’t have my 32 pack of Natty Light so overall a huge waste of my time. (My new record doesn’t come out until fall so I’m going to act like an idiot on Instagram until then)

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I’m officially 43 years old.

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Bass pro shop pyramid

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I’m proud to announce that I will be starring in Ice Road Truckers season 3!

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Do you know how many damn times I’ve heard “you look like Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh” I’m putting an end to that today it’s over. Please don’t ever tell me that again.

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I posted this the other night but deleted after 30 minutes because I lost 5 followers and worried it was too weird. Today I thought “wait, if people unfollow me for flexing in a dress do I really want those people following me in the first place?” HELL NO. IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE THIS, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE WORLD BITCH.

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