‘Daddy When Can You Stop Deadpooling?’: Ryan Reynolds Shares Personal Story About What Life Is Like When He's Working So Hard On Set

‘Daddy When Can You Stop Deadpooling?’: Ryan Reynolds Shares Personal Story About What Life Is Like When He's Working So Hard On Set

The road to the highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine has been a long one for Ryan Reynolds. It’s been nearly two years since it was announced that Hugh Jackman would return as Wolverine in a new movie. Since then, the flick has gone through pre-production and been filmed. And, now, Reynolds is out promoting the 2024 new movie release ahead of the release date next week. It’s been so much work that the actor’s kids are apparently wondering when he’ll come home.

Ryan Reynolds appeared alongside Hugh Jackman and Deadpool & wolverine director Shaun Levy for Variety, during which he revealed that his middle child, seven-year-old, Inez, has been asking her dad when he’ll be done “Deadpooling.” It sounds like the kid wants to see her dad more often. Reynolds appreciates the sentiment and shares what he told his child after the fact. The actor said…

My middle daughter said ‘Daddy, when can you stop Deadpooling?’ Soon, baby, I promise. Daddy’s going to do nothing for a year after this

Ryan Reynolds speaks about his children often, and it’s clear they mean a great deal to him. While playing Deadpool also clearly means a lot to him, it’s obvious from the way he speaks that it’s breaking his heart that his daughter is missing him.

Of course, the rest of us love it when the A-lister plays Wade Wilson, so we’re all quite excited for this new adventure. It’s been six years since the Marvel franchise's second installment came out. In franchise movie terms that’s forever. The excitement for the new film is quite high and Deadpool & Wolverine is expected to be a smash at the box office. 

If the Free Guy star really does take a year off, he’s earned it, so I won’t be too upset. I do wonder how easy that will be, however. He's attached to a lot of different projects and, while it’s unclear which ones will move forward next, there are probably several movie studios that would like to get him back in front of a camera soon. 

But Ryan Reynolds has certainly reached a level of success that will allow him to determine his own schedule. Reynolds has taken intentional breaks from movie-making before. If there’s an upcoming Reynolds movie you’re looking forward to, don’t get too excited about it because you may have to wait a bit. 

And then, of course, there’s the fact that Ryan Reynolds may be able to stop “Deadpooling” for the moment, but it may not be long before he’s back doing it again. Deadpool will officially be joining the MCU with this upcoming threequel, and it means not only could we see more Deadpool movies, especially if the new one becomes the blockbuster it’s expected to be. But, also, Wade could be needed anywhere in the MCU, meaning he could be back under that mask again even sooner than we think.  

For now, look forward to Deadpool & Wolverine opening in theaters on July 26, and read up on other upcoming Marvel movies.