HBO’s Gossip Girl Spin-Off Is Bringing Back An Original Star

HBO’s Gossip Girl Spin-Off Is Bringing Back An Original Star

Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. Well, technically not the real Gossip Girl, but I am a pretty big fan of the show – so you can imagine my excitement when I first found out that the show would be returning for a reboot on HBO.

HBO Max, the new streaming service from WarnerMedia due to launch in 2020, has given the official order for a reboot of the popular teen drama, and one popular actor has announced that they’re going to be returning for the new spin-off.

Kristen Bell will be reprising her voice role as the on-screen version of Gossip Girl. 

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 The service has given the show an order of 10 one-hour episodes from the original “Gossip Girl” team, including executive producers Joshua Safran, Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, according to details released by HBO Max. 

During this year’s summer TV Critics Association press tour, Josh Schwartz said that there’s no longer a big mystery surrounding Gossip Girl’s identity (and it’s not still Dan Humphrey sat at his computer pretending to be a teenage girl), because we’re ‘all Gossip Girl’.

“We felt like a version that was just our cast grown up…it didn’t really feel like a group of adults who were being controlled by Gossip Girl would make a lot of sense, so it felt like there was something really interesting about this idea that we are all Gossip Girl now, in our own way, that we are all purveyors of our own social media surveillance state, and how that’s evolved, and how that has morphed and mutated and telling that story through a new generation of upper east side high school kids felt like the right time.”

“Kristen Bell has always been and will always be the voice of Gossip Girl,” Schwartz and Savage said according to THR, who also reported that Bell was in negotiations for months over joining the new series before the deal was closed. 

No other original cast members are signed on, but the option is open. 

“I mean, if they want to be involved in some way, we reached out to all of them to let them know it was happening and that we would love for them to be involved if they want to be involved, but we certainly didn’t want to make it contingent upon them

“And you know, they played those characters for six years and if they felt like they’re good with that, we wanted to respect that but obviously any time anybody wants…it’d be great to see them again.”

Earlier this month, former cast member Chace Crawford – who played Nate Archibald in the popular series – revealed that if there WAS a reboot, he’d be more than happy to take part.

“I don’t know what it would look like with us being in our 30s now, but I always say, because it was such a big part of my life, I’m open to anything,” Crawford told Digital Spy.

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“It would have to be really right, and really specific, and with TV and the golden age of the TV streaming service, maybe an eight-episode season.

“It would be very tough to get everybody on board I think because of their schedules, Penn, Leighton, Ed… They’re all doing really good TV shows. It would be hard I think [to get them all together]. The reboot might come in the form of new characters. I would absolutely cameo. I’d have to!”

Wonder if they’ll manage to swing Princess Elsa (A.K.A Kristen Bell) to return as the Gossip Girl narrator. To be completely fair, it wouldn’t be the same without her.

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