Help The RSPCA Find Cowards Who Left Horse For Dead In Street After Crash

Help The RSPCA Find Cowards Who Left Horse For Dead In Street After Crash

Warning: Distressing Content

The RSPCA is appealing for witnesses after a horse was left for dead on the streets by its owners following a serious collision with a car.

The horrific incident took place during a procession on Great Bridge Road, Bilston, last Sunday when the horse bolted into a vehicle leaving her seriously injured.

The impact from the horse caused a smashed windscreen on a family Volkswagen and left the poor horse bleeding out on the floor.

According to The Metro, prior to the accident, the horse was attached to a traditional carriage. The men riding the horse and carriage soon fled the scene, taking the carriage trap with them and leaving the injured horse behind.

RSPCA investigator Vicki Taylor, who is assisting the police with this case, released a statement saying:

The horse was lying in the road and bleeding where the smashed windscreen had cut into her front and legs.

This was a shocking sight and she was clearly suffering.

Thankfully the family who were in the car were uninjured but their vehicle was badly damaged. When I arrived, the men with the horse had already left, dragging the trap away with them. Witnesses provided photos of the owners taking off the trap and leaving the horse in the road. ‘It must have been a shock to be involved in an accident like this but these men essentially abandoned this horse to die.

As they left, the two men were pictured trying to hide their faces

Reports say the mare, who is about seven years old and was underweight at the time of the accident, is now making a recovery at a private RSPCA care facility.

Inspector Taylor went on to say:

Thankfully there are no obvious broken bones and the equine vet is positive she will recover despite the open wounds which may take a while to start healing.

We are now appealing for anyone who may recognise the horse, or the men in these images.

In April of 2018, the RSPCA investigated serious injuries inflicted upon a young filly found in West Sussex in August 2017. According to the West Sussex County Times, she sustained horrific injuries and was left for dead in a lane in Cootham, near Pulborough.

The young foal, who was only between five and seven months old, was dumped alone in a lane suffering from a terribly deep and infected flyblown wound, and due to a leaking abscess was blind in one eye.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done to save her and she was put to sleep.

RSPCA inspector Tony Woodley said:

This was a shocking example of neglect and cruelty to the highest degree.

The foal could not bear any weight on her infected leg and it’s likely the injury had been caused by being caught in a wire or some kind of illegal tether.

This poor foal had clearly been left to suffer for a prolonged period of time during her very short life and as a result was suffering greatly. The vet advised that the kindest thing to do was to have her put to sleep to prevent her suffering any longer.

Woodley says it was another ‘example’ of the increasing trend ‘of irresponsible horse owners, who are adding to the horse crisis’ in the UK.

Vicki Taylor encourages anyone with any information regarding the identity of the horse’s owners in Bilston to contact the police or RSPCA, with the ‘strictest confidence’, on 0300 123 8018.

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