Here are the 8 best movies on TV this Friday

Here are the 8 best movies on TV this Friday

F R I D A Y.

M O V I E S.

O N.

T V.

That's the name of the game, folks. Here's the best available movies on your television screen on this balmy Friday 23 August...

Spy - Film 4 - 9pm

Melissa McCarthy takes top billing as Jason Statham steals the show in this decent espionage-themed comedy.

Taken 2 - RTÉ One - 9.35pm

Liam Neeson gets caught up in Euro-terrorism action. Again.

This Is My Father - RTÉ 2 - 9.45pm

An American schoolteacher visits Ireland in order to discover his roots, and finds more than he bargained for.

Aidan Quinn, James Caan, Stephen Rea, John Cusack and Colm Meaney play their parts.

The Faculty - SyFy - 11pm

Post-Scream, the '90s was awash with knowing smart-alec teen comedy-horrors.

The Faculty is one of the better ones.

American History X - ITV4 - 11pm

Problematic but undeniably compelling drama with Edwards Norton and Furlong.

Quadrophenia - Film 4 - 11.20pm

1960s British mod culture under the spotlight.

Love & Mercy - RTÉ 2 - 12.00am

John Cusack again, this time taking on the life of Beach Boys man Brian Wilson.

Green Room - Film 4 - 1.45am

One of the great modern horrors as a punk band stumble upon the wrong gig and subsequently fight for their lives across a very long and deadly night.

A perfect late night affair, though you may not sleep easy afterwards...