Here's the lineup for Saturday night's episode of The Ray D'Arcy Show

Here's the lineup for Saturday night's episode of The Ray D'Arcy Show

Staying in of a Saturday night? Here's the lineup for The Ray D'Arcy Show.

Saturday nights can only mean one of two things - you're heading for a night out on the town, or you're chilling at home on the couch.

If you're at the latter, you may be interested in seeing the lineup for The Ray D'Arcy Show.

Here's who we're dealing with this week:

First up is '80s icons Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet and his wife Shirlie Holliman from Pepsi & Shirlie and Wham!, who will be on to discuss why after 31 years of marriage, they've finally done an album together.

Next up is Fair City cast members Wes Doyle, George McMahon, Adam Traynor and Johnny Ward, as well as members of Baldoyle United Football Club, will chat to Ray about their upcoming charity football match.

Then we've got NASA datanaut and Miss Universe Ireland Fionnghuala O’ Reilly to talk about "girls who code", and the upcoming Miss Universe competition in Atlanta.

Then it's 13-year-old Anna Kearney, who will be representing Ireland in the Junior Eurovision competition in Poland next week.

GP and mental health expert Doctor Harry Barry will also take to the couch to talk about the negative effects of social media and what measures people can take to safeguard their mental health.

The Ray D’Arcy Show kicks off on RTÉ One at 9.40pm on Saturday.