HFPA Lays Out Plans To Implement “Transformational Change” After Golden Globes Diversity Controversy: “We Must And We Will Do More”

HFPA Lays Out Plans To Implement “Transformational Change” After Golden Globes Diversity Controversy: “We Must And We Will Do More”

Nearly one week after the controversial 78th annual Golden Globe Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association tonight offered more details about its plans to be more inclusive and finally include Black members among their ranks.

“Hiring an independent expert in organizational diversity, equity and inclusion to advise and guide us. Among other important tasks, this expert will audit our bylaws and membership requirements to help us guard against any exclusionary practices and achieve a more diverse membership,” the HFPA wrote in a statement posted on all of its social media platforms.

In addition to hiring an “independent expert” and outlining outreach plans, the HFPA added that it, in typical Hollywood corporate fashion, will also hire a third-party law firm to “review the HFPA polices to ensure we are aligned with and exceed industry best practices in critical areas.” In working with the law firm, the HFPA seeks to implement “a robust process” where any members can report violations of ethical standards or code of conduct with the “confidence that it will be fully and fairly investigated.”

Critics Choice Chief Rips HFPA, Golden Globes In Message To Members Assuring, "Our Show...Will Be Quite Different"

The HFPA’s latest announcement comes nearly a week after its 78th annual Golden Globes, where the organization’s controversy and lack of diversity took center stage. Just days before the annual awards ceremony Time’s Up and a number of Hollywood figures ranging from Ellen Pompeo to Ava DuVernay criticized the HFPA after a Los Angeles Times exposé revealed that the industry entity had zero Black journalists among its 87 current members.

During last week’s ceremony, HFPA members took the stage to briefly address the controversy, solely noting that “Black representation is vital” and that they’re working to make diverse member ship “the norm.” After the show, Time’s Up doubled up on its HFPA criticism in an open letter dubbing the body’s proposed diversification goals “cosmetic.”

“We at Time’s Up stand ready to work for real change. The Globes are no longer golden.  It’s time to act,” the letter read.

The Critics Choice Association and the Television Academy have since touted their diverse membership and nominees, and in-depth D&I efforts, respectively.

“These are the initial steps we will take over the next 60 days and we will carry out further action based on the recommendations that come from these initial reviews and assessments,” the statement continued. “We are committed to achieving these objectives in order to increase transparency in our organization and build a more inclusive community.