Hypedogs are here: the rise of puppy streetwear

Hypedogs are here: the rise of puppy streetwear

Streetwear has become a fashion phenomenon, creating sneakerheads and hypebeasts, who are obsessed with brands like Supreme, Off-White, Yeezy, Balenciaga and Gucci. Each new drop creates a frenzy of anticipation, queues curling around corners and extortionate re-sale prices.

Now, the cult get-ups are no longer just reserved for humans, as the trendiest items on the street style scene and our Instagram feeds have now been modified for our canine companions. In short, dog streetwear is here. 

The trend first started when fans took matters into their own hands by creating independent online stores in order to make custom dog versions of popular current streetwear items. 

US based Paw Circle's repertoire, for example, includes numerous runway-inspired accessories and clothes, including an Off-White leadrainbow checked Burberry shirt and the most adorable mini Gucci cardigans.

Similarly, Pawmain Pets stocks Balenciaga-esque "Pawlenciaga" puppy tees. The website states: "Many of our popular designs are inspired by streetwear fashion, a trend that is gaining traction in the dog apparel industry. These are designed to bring out the big personality and swagger inside every four-legged Hypebeast!" Iconic Dogwear, which boasts 52.k on Instagram, describes itself as: "Swag that makes dogs wag". The label specialises in hoodies for pet pooches with altered brand names like "Pupreme" and "Anti Social Puppy Club". Puppy streetwear isn't all humorous puns and mock-up designer garms. With the hashtag #hypedog having reached 10,955 posts, there is a growing demand for authentic puppy streetwear, something which can now be provided by Very Important Puppies.  With two designer collaborations already under its beltthe first with American artist and designer Heron Preston, the second, with irreverent Italian streetwear label GCDC (AKA God Can't Destroy Streetwear)the brand is the first of its kind to bring high end dogwear into the mainstream. The innovative label was created in 2018 by sisters Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas, who started the venture after pursuing careers in fashion and business. Very Important Puppies x Heron Preston (Very Important Puppies ) "The reason for starting the company was because we love dogs and we saw a gap in the market when it came to dog companies connected to fashion," the founders told Standard.  "There has definitely been an increase and interest in dogwear recently, and a big part is connected to streetwear and dogs having a big following on social media," they explain.  Very Important Puppies x GCDS (Very Important Puppies ) The label's two designer collaborations have resulted in all kinds of clobber, from poo bags and PVC raincoats, to a $230 (£176) diamante-adorned leash and hoodies. Albarello and Karelas say: "The collaborations came very spontaneously, by being in the fashion industry prior to starting VIP,  a lot of our friends happened to be designers and decided to partner into making the same clothes, made for people for puppies." As for whether pet hypebeast culture will get bigger in the future? The sisters respond: "We think puppy streetwear is growing, and will keep growing in the future. The culture is getting broader, and not only in the fashion but in various parts of our daily life." Get ready to see a Supreme-clad Staffy on a street near you soon.  More about: | streetwear | Dogs | puppies